DHT Based Steroids Manual

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What’s up good people?

Knowing as much as I know about DHT, I started using it and abusing it at times.

Ended up feeling too androgenic so all I did was party.

Dialing back a little now and putting together this Manual for you.

The Manual is all about DHT-based steroids, my experience with them, and a program for those that decide to try DHT-based steroids.

Not sure if there’s enough demand for it though, so do me a favor and let me know if this is something you want.

Disclaimer: You might end up looking like a MMA fighter.



  1. dht/t

    Hey bro…what steroids do u use? I think u mainly use masteron…area1255 is also obsessed abt inc dht even by pharmaceutical ways.

    1. Author

      I don’t use Masteron. Didn’t find a legit source.

      My facial hair is still patchy but grows faster.

      AIs are pretty good.

  2. dht/t

    My puberty was very bad…gyno babyface all that shit. I just want more secondry sexual characteristics …any steroid u recommend

  3. dht/t

    I think the beard growth has more to do with androgen receptors on face and genetics.. I have seen many men with average T but good and full beard growth.. I think due to their genetics they have more sensitive and high no. Of androgen receptors on face..and they receive nutrients and androgens easily…on the other hand, u can see even guys with heighest T and DHT have patchy beards..examples are ali kuoppala, mika nanikashvilli, you, and also chris… I suggest you should try minoxidil..its vasodilating properties will open and widen pathways to androgen receptors of hair folliciles so that all nutrients and androgens required for hair growth can travel easily to them……. This discussion aside, marcel plz tell something abt what dht steroids u used? And also can you suggest me a steroid best for getting manly secondry sexual characteristics on face?

    1. Author

      Hey I mainly used androsterone as I found I feel best on it.

      Mostly any DHT-based steroid will contribute to secondary male characteristics. Aside from drying out physical effects take years of usage, but mental effects are instant.

  4. Marc

    Glad to hear you`re back.
    The too much partying and feeling to good thing is real…
    I´ve been there, I think DHT upregulates D2 Dopamine receptors that affect risk taking and social dominance. Too much confidence can be (an enjoyable) efficiency killer.

    I`m definitely interested in that manual.
    I´ve already taken the steps and currently on Mast Prop and Test E ( 350 mg / 300 mg weekly) as well as Arimidex as an AI.

    Life is good. Meanwhile I`m continuing to eat and supplement for increased 5-AR so that the Test hopefully largely converts to DHT.

    Looking forward to new podcasts and the manual.

  5. dht/t

    Marc, im sure ur HDL levels must be crushed like near abt zero and LDL may be through the out for ur heart health in the long run.. Exogenous T and DHT itself reduces HDL a little but when u combine it with AI, it will raise LDL by above 60% and crush HDL by about 40%

    1. Author

      11-keto DHT

  6. maidana

    OK nice to hear . What is with the basic dht based steorids like . Winstrol. Anavar . Anadrol. Halotestin .
    And the only purest dht roids mestanolone aka ermalone. Stanolon. Or methy dht. The german athlets used it at the olympic games since 1990 . All the dht Derivates dont act androgenic. Like winstrol i used it and i dont feel a good impact on it and it have not a high androgenic ratio . How wased the best steorids for you. How does proviron act? I read its not like dht

    1. Author

      Proviron increases free androgens pretty well due to it’s high affinity for SHBG, but its not anti-estrogenic much.

      From the classic DHT steroids Masteron is probably best. 11 keto DHT might be stronger at the same dosage, but way more expensive.

  7. Ben

    Are you not afraid of shutdown of your own hormonal production at such young age? Will this guide be free your making ?

    1. Author

      Experienced little to no shutdown even when abusing dosages. In the case of shutdown LH stimulation comes in.

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