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Shilajit Benefits – Serotonin Antagonist, Testosterone Increase, Immunity

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Shilajit is probably one of the most “Peat” friendly herbs that I have ever tried.  It’s one of the more powerful adaptogenic herbs with many many benefits but most importantly its impact on metabolism and hormone health.  Herbs can be tricky to judge at the surface since they contain several types of constituents that could be against or supportive of your goal for using it. In this post I’ll go over shilajit benefits.

Shilajit is definitely an interesting herb and is one of my personal favorites (along with pine pollen).  Instead of going into every single possible benefits it can offer I wanted to focus on the key areas like its positive influence on energy production, mental health and hormones.



Shilajit Benefits #1: Serotonin Antagonist

If you are familiar with Ray Peat, anything that lowers, inhibits, antagonize etc. serotonin will provide greater metabolic benefits regardless.  Shilajit was shown to possess serotonin antagonism properties in the brain [here].  At any given time that serotonin decreases in the brain (or the uptake is increased) the mental stress should lower and mood should improve.  An improvement in mental tasks and cognitive functions should be noted.

Another similar example would be consuming the amino acid l-theanine, which is found naturally in green tea, although I don’t advocate drinking tea, but coffee instead due its ability to increase progesterone (in the brain) and DHT/T [here].

Shilajit Benefits #2: Testosterone Increase

Another pro metabolic property of shilajit is its ability to increase testosterone along with sperm quality.  The study was done on humans (male patients) and shilajit seems to increase testosterone through the reduction of oxidative stress.  The testes are extremely sensitive to stress that is why things like cell phone radiation and WiFi can actually cause oxidative stress specifically towards the testes [here].

Another supplements that acts similar to shilajit in terms of raising teststerone is taurine.  It also increases testicular function by the reduction of oxidative stress on the testes [here].

Shilajit and taurine can be a great combo in terms of protecting from oxidative stress especially in terms of stimulating and protecting hormone production.

Shilajit Benefits #3: Immunity

So we know that when testosterone, or really any other pro metabolic hormone for that matter can lower/antagonize cortisol.  Cortisol is very well known as one of the most dense immune suppressants and patients even with mild infections have to be extremely careful taking compounds like hydrocortisone or prednisone, which I would avoid touching for any reasons at all costs.

Being that testosterone and DHT can both strongly antagonize cortisol, this can actually stimulate your immune system to fight pathogens, infections, viruses etc.  So anything that can either indirectly or directly increases androgens can actually be used as a safe tool to strengthen one’s immunity.

This topic came to light when I discovered the “test flu” as bodybuilders would call it.  Essentially, what happens is after administering exogenous testosterone either for bodybuilding purposes or HRT, many users would get “flu” like symptoms for the first week or two.  There hasn’t been much research on this specific topic directly as it is a gray area, but some people think it is because the body recognizes a foreign entity.  Others think it could be from some of the toxic expedients that the hormone is cut with and is used as a carrier like grapeseed oil.

Test Flu

Test Flu

From my point of view along with many others believe the “test flu” may be coming from the ability of the exogenous testosterone to suddenly lower/antagonize cortisol to a low level very rapidly causing an immune response.  Once the immune system is greatly stimulated it can work much harder and smarter killing off any pathogens, infections, endotoxins etc. that were was under stealth.  When this happens at a sudden rate, inflammation can occur due to the sudden rise in “die off” or dead bacteria.

Overall, the jury is still out on that I would say, it’s just a pretty interesting area despite how negatively the mainstream medical industry portrays both DHT and testosterone.

Anyways, shilajit not only stimulates the immune system through the increase in testosterone, but it also has direct anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties [here][here].  It can cover a broad range of immune protection, so if you aren’t even 100% sure what type of infection you are fighting, it could be a solid asset.

Shilajit Benefits – Wrapping Up

In closing, shilajit can be a great asset for several areas improving well being.  When I identify a herb and decide to experiment with it, I try to to choose one that has a primary benefit I want with a diverse range of secondary characteristics- like shilajit has.  Incorporating this herb in your daily regimen can also help with weight loss due to the fact that it indirectly can promote proper thyroid function (from the lowering of prolactin and serotonin) along with the high amounts of fulvic and humic acid that can help detoxify and excrete various toxins from the liver and kidneys.  Improving the function of the liver will also improve your body’s ability to excrete estrogen out of the body quicker.

So as you can see, shilajit can be a tool used daily or in cycles as support for many different needs.  Herb cycling is common more for certain herbs especially ones that increase or decrease certain hormones/neurotransmitters in the body so the body doesn’t develop a tolerance to it over time.

The purest quality shilajit I came across and have used personally was from here.  They 3rd party test each batch, which one should always look at when buying herbs or just any supplement in general.


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