Thyroid Optimization for Significant Androgen Increase

Thyroid Optimization for Significant Androgen Increase

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  1. Ben

    Caloric deficit is def bad for hormones but if you are fat like me, then its necessary to get that belly fat off and veins poppin.

    Im currently cutting but im taking t3, dhea and pregnenolone to keep that metabolism running.

    Cutting with t3 is much safer than without right? I mean that active thyroid hormone will keep your metabolism pumping even with caloric deficit. Im not low carbing, im eating 250g carbs atm, alot of saturated fat to replace PUFA stores and medium prot (100g)

    1. Author


      I imagine cutting with T3/DHEA+preg can go both ways – increase metabolism and shred you well or increase metabolism and drive up stress hormones due to metabolism not meeting demand (calories). How do you feel?

      I’d limit the calorie deficit to a certain period, maintain for a while, then go back on the deficit. Rinse and repeat till lean.

  2. Ben

    Been using Haiduts thyroid for 3 weeks now and im never stopping this stuff unless i get some serious side effects. So far so good. I really get it now why Ray and others like Haidut, Danny Roddy, Broda Barnes tell that everyone should be taking thyroid, either it be NDT or something else but not t4. I think this stuff is a must for everyone who wants to optimise their hormones. And the dosage dont have to be high or supraphysiological. Even small dosage makes a huge difference. And Haiduts products are the best by far.

  3. kyle

    I was hyper thyroid for most of my teenage years and it made me androgenic as fuck. Very off hinged, to the point of feeling like wanting to just whack shit but a fun trip none the less.

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