1. James

    And I guess being lean is obviously the best thing for dopamine? And would you say sprints are best exercise for dopamine?

    On that note Marcel what is your height and weight and body fat % ?

    And thank goodness I broke the chains of pornography and masturbation. That shit really messes you up, while society think it’s perfectly OK. I think pornography and other visual stimulation is the biggest reason why today’s men are so emasculated.

  2. Author

    Yup, lean for everything. There’s no “best” for dopamine, training in general increases dopamine.

    I’m 6’3 180 lbs. Body fat is low, maybe 10%.

    No doubt.

    1. Author

      Just gelatin and aspirin. Also have some niacinamide powder.

  3. toni

    Only this? No creatin boron butea s ? How much gelantine you take? Is it better Tod take glycin AS supplement? And are increase Aspirin dht?

    1. Author

      I stopped recommending boron a while ago.

      I take a tablespoon and eat a bunch of gummy bears. Both gelatin/glycine are the same.

      Aspirin is pro-thyroid and anti-estrogen so I’d think so.

      1. Al

        Marcel – do you still recommend Butea Superba?

        Many thanks for your excellent research/reporting.

  4. Karl

    How much aspirin do you take daily? have you struggled with ringing in ears or bruising easy? i get that easy and i use K2 and aspirin powder ec so its strange.

    Also could you make your podcast episodes available as downloads on the soundcloud page?

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