Liver Optimization for Significant Estrogen Reduction

Liver Optimization for Significant Estrogen Reduction

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Anabolic Apex Transcript – Liver Optimisation

Liver optimization for significant Estrogen reduction and detoxification:

The liver is incredibly important in the excretion of Estrogen. An ill-functioning liver can thus cause a build-up of Estrogens, and this is often overlooked when trying to reduce systematic Estrogen levels in the body. Here are some effective compounds and supplements to implement in a liver optimization strategy. They aid the organs function by helping to remove toxins:


Vitamin K, specifically MK-4,

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) – often used in liver disease treatments

Gelatin/Glycine – block endotoxin formation, specifically in the liver, but also in other organs. This helps reduce Serotonin formation. High serotonin levels can dysfunction the liver.

B Vitamins


Vitamin D – also used in liver disease treatments, and endotoxin antagonist.

Taurine – Amino Acid

Methylene Blue – functions to increase CO2 and respiratory function.

Reducing Oral Supplements at once – preferably separated by a few hours. Choose supplements with low additives/no fillers – preferably pure powder.  

In terms of diet,

Protein – Consume enough protein, but favour a higher protein intake – which will vary depending on body-weight. At least 120 grams. A low-protein intake is known to lower liver function.   


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