Androgen Optimization Consultation

Anabolic Apex Androgen Optimization Consultation

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The androgen optimization consultation is a one-on-one consultation with me over Skype or email if that’s what you want. We’ll be discussing neuroscience/neurochemistry and androgen optimization. I’ll create a diet, supplementation, training, psychology, and lifestyle program tailored for you. We’ll go over blood work and subject reported well-being as metrics of progress. I’ll answer any questions you have, research solutions if needed, and present you with the information.

The price is $99 a month. Every month there are 4 weekly Skype sessions lasting about 30 minutes at a time convenient to you. You can continue the consultations for as long as needed or you can end it after the first month. You can receive a refund if unsatisfied after the first session.

Androgen Optimization Consultation Includes:

  1. Discussion of neuroscience/neurochemistry/hormones/androgen optimization
  2. Diet program
  3. Supplementation program
  4. Training program
  5. Psychology program
  6. Lifestyle program
  7. Review of blood work and subject reported well-being
  8. Any questions answered
  9. Research solutions for you
  10. Present you with the research information
  11. 4 weekly Skype sessions lasting about 30 minutes
  12. No contract (continue/end consultation whenever you want)
  13. Full refund if unsatisfied after first session

Androgen Optimization Consultation Is Applicable to All:

  • Men struggling with hormone problems such as low testosterone/low DHT/high estrogen/stunned growth
  • Men interested in health, longevity, masculinity, and living at optimal condition
  • Entrepreneurs/businessmen/high-rank workers in search of cognitive enhancement/mental performance enhancement, limitless energy, stable unswayed mindset
  • Athletes looking for performance enhancement and an edge in the sport
  • Gym-goers and trainers looking to put on some muscle mass or lean & dry out
  • Men stuck in life, struggling with self-confidence & self-worth, low energy, unsatisfied with life
  • Men with sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, and premature ejaculation

Deal of the matter is whatever your goals, androgen optimization improves every aspect of living.

Sound fair? Ask away any questions you may have.

Sign up for consultation here.

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