pine pollen, pine pollen powder, pine pollen tincture

Pine Pollen – Potent Natural Vitamins and Androgens Source

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Pine pollen is a food rather than a supplement, however extracted powders or tinctures make it much more convenient.

First of pine has actual testosterone in a natural form. However the content is not high enough to produce any significant effects as studied so far.

Pine is loaded with androstenedione, which can convert into DHT and other 5-alpha reduced androgens. Androstenedione isn’t 5-alpha reduced and therefore can convert into estrogens, but considering other natural hormones in pine such as androsterone its unlikely that androstenedione will go down that path.

Pine contains androsterone in natural form, which is probably the best thing about pine. I’m yet to find any evidence on the exact amount of androsterone, but knowing androsterone is very potent even in very small quantity (study) makes it worth it regardless the amount. Of course if money permits then high amounts of pine can be used to dose-dependently reap the upsides of androsterone and DHT.

Androsterone being a precursor to DHT, other 5-alpha reduced androgens, a potent aromatase inhibitor, and a pro-GABA neurosteroid on its own makes pine a very DHT-friendly and androgenic supplement.

Besides that pine is very anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant (study), and a nice source of vitamin D and the active 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (study).

“The arthritis score and paw edema were markedly suppressed in the groups treated with pine pollen extract. Moreover, administration of pine pollen extract (100 mg/kg) for 49 days reduced the serum levels of rheumatoid factor, anti-type II collagen antibody, TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, IL-6, protein carbonyl, advanced glycation endproducts, malondialdehyde and LDL-cholesterol compared with that of collagen-induced arthritis mice. These results suggest that the pine pollen might be beneficial in the treatment of chronic inflammatory disorders.”study.

In rats pine pollen extract is able to hinder symptoms of aging (study).

Pine pollen has antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory properties (study).

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pine pollen, pine pollen powder, pine pollen tincture

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  1. JD

    You should do more on genetics and mindset/lifestyle and their effects on hormones. A lot has been said on diet and exercise but I feel like that is only half the equation of being a healthy high testosterone male. Maybe something like how underlying tension, unconscious emotions, or chronic pain has an effect on the endocrine system
    ( Have you heard of John Sarno’s work?)

    Also maybe some sort of protocol to maximize sleep quality. I think a lot of people would be interested in that!

    Just a few suggestions for the future

    1. Author

      Thanks for the suggestions JD.

      Self-worth & other stuff going on in the mind definitely play a big factor in hormones.

      Going into the psychology of hormones is a good idea.

  2. maidana

    How can you compare the impact on pine Pollen With other dht supplement like butea superba. Creatin. Boron . Can you do a ranking with the strongest dht supllements. And how is the effect from phosphatdylserin i never use it because it made from soy and this is estrogenic pur.

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