1. Micheal

    Hey man that did help … wts the dosage of butea superba did u take for dt to happen ? And is it safe taking high doses.

    1. Author

      I was taking 4-6 capsules of barlowe’s herbal elixirs Butea Superba. Should be safe.

  2. Ben

    Is this site alive? I thought this site was dead? 😀 So what uve been up to? U been studying Ray Peat i see ? U eating full RP diet atm?

    1. Author

      Posts are dead, podcasts are born.

      Not really, Ray Peat just came up. I studied his work before.

      No, why would I eat full Ray Peat diet?

      I’m researching the depth of DHT (metabolites, enzymes, conversion pathways, feedback loops, other 5 alpha reduced hormones, …).

      What about you?

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