1. Al

    There’s a cut you may want to revise at about 12:00
    Really enjoying the podcasts by the way, I notice them getting more focused and smoother with each podcast. Thanks.

  2. Josh

    Interesting topic. Do you have any sites or resources to recommend for learning more about it?
    I saw that you were selling your site couple months ago, are you still?

  3. Hamad Alsuwaidi

    WHAT ABOUT ARMS AND HANDS HAIR? Is it driven by DHT or … ?


  4. alexis

    i dont understrand good english but do u mean that if someone is hairy that means he is HIGH Estrogen? expecpt hes legs?
    im not fat and im not bald…. but im very hairy legs arms hands back chest abs so wtf?

  5. Marc

    Wow. Great podcast. I can confirm these findings from personal experience.
    I started puberty pretty late, but grew tall and have very hairy legs and a v-taper. Started working out at 12. Now 18.
    I have a patchy beard that grows fast. I`m most proud of my v-taper, it appears to be skeletal, not muscle mass, although on top of it my neck and shoulder and upper body are generally very muscular compared to the rest of my body, although my workouts don`t specifically target that area. I`ve been eating correctly for high DHT since abt 2 yrs and was always worried abt the beard, as I know a lot of fat and skinny fat guys (high Estrogen) who have fuller beards. Your podcast relieved my worries.

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