1. Rok

    Yo, how many times a week should we eat white mushroom to benefit its pro-t effects ? Thanks

  2. Dave

    Do white mushrooms also inhibit 5ar enzyme? I was under impression that most compounds that inhibit aromatase enzyme simultaneously inhibit 5ar enzyme…

  3. Dave

    I wonder what the half life is on mushrooms anti aromatase effects… I eat them post workout but when you eat you lower testosterone so it won’t be so advantageous…mushrooms can potentially be the best pre workout food known to man…of they block aromatase so well then we mind as well eat them prior to working out so the exercise induced spike in testosterone can stay as free t and not get aromatized into estrogen…the best time we eat any food that blocks the aromatase enzyme is before we get the most increase in testosterone…that would be before workouts and right before bed to block the aromatase enzyme during the surges of testosterone that is released during rem sleep…

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