how to increase dopamine naturally

Dopamine Daredevil – 32 Ways to Increase Dopamine Naturally

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Dopamine – the thrill seeking, adrenaline junkie, daredevil hormone, and driving force to accomplish. Dopamine is a brain neurotransmitter behind the works of many functions such as a driving force, thrill seeking, spontaneity, risk-taking, learning ability, and even sex drive. Dopamine plays a role behind drug addictions as well since most drugs increase dopamine, keep dopamine active for longer, or both. Dopamine is a fun hormone and this is the blueprint to increase dopamine naturally.

Dopamine is an amine synthesized by removing a carboxyl group from a molecule of its precursor, L-DOPA, which is synthesized in the brain and kidneys. Dopamine is synthesized in a restricted set of cell types, mainly neurons and cells in the medulla of the adrenal glands.

L-Phenylalanine → L-Tyrosine → L-DOPA → Dopamine

In the brain dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter to send signals to other nerve cells. The major dopamine pathway in the brain is behind the go-getter set and accomplish mindset. Another dopamine pathway in the brain is behind the motor system and in control of releasing various hormones.

Dopamine in the bloodstream inhibits norepinephrine release and acts as a vasodilator. Dopamine in the kidneys increases sodium excretion. Dopamine in the digestive system reduces gastrointestinal motility and protects intestinal mucosa. Dopamine in the immune system reduces the activity of lymphocytes. Dopamine is synthesized locally and exerts its effects near the cells that release it.

how to increase dopamine naturally

Photo source – NCBI

32 Ways to Increase Dopamine Naturally

  1. Get lean
  2. Decrease serotonin
  3. Decrease prolactin
  4. Set and accomplish
  5. Gamble the odds
  6. Calorie deficit
  7. Cold showers
  8. Sun’s out dopamine’s out
  9. Cup of coffee
  10. Round of chocolate
  11. Make the weights fly and bend the bar
  12. Meditate
  13. Wet girl’s panties
  14. Massage
  15. Music tracks
  16. DHT Manual
  17. Fix adrenal fatigue
  18. Stay away from antipsychotic drugs
  19. Don’t go too high on fats
  20. Eat l-dopa rich foods
  21. Eat tyrosine rich foods
  22. Fix tryptophan dominance
  23. Amino acids with a favorable ratio
  24. Mucuna pruriens supplement
  25. L-DOPA
  26. Tyrosine supplement
  27. Curcumin
  28. Ginkgo biloba
  29. Calcium
  30. Taurine
  31. Creatine
  32. Probiotics

Get Lean

Being lean is really, truly, and legitly the holy grail. This ain’t the first time being lean is brought up, it ain’t the second time either. It ain’t the third, fourth, fifth, or twentieth time and it sure ain’t the last time it’ll be brought up either. The ONE thing you can do that has hundreds of upsides and is all a big synergy is be lean.

  1. Obese people have fewer dopamine receptors than normal-weight people. In obese people the number of dopamine receptors decrease as BMI goes up – the fatter a person is the less dopamine receptors he has (study).
  2. Dopamine D2 receptors are reduced in obese individuals compared to lean individuals (study).
  3. Dopamine signalling is reduced in obese mice (study).
  4. Brain dopamine D2 receptor availability is significantly lower in obese individuals than normal-weight individuals (study).

Decrease Serotonin

Serotonin aka 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) is another neurotransmitter biochemically derived from tryptophan. Serotonin isn’t exactly bad at all, its high serotonin that becomes problematic because of it’s dopamine opposing effect.

Serotonin is the opposite of dopamine and these two neurotransmitters oppose each other – when one increases the other decreases, and when one decreases the other increases.

A simple way to increase dopamine naturally is to decrease serotonin. A couple simple ways to decrease serotonin and increase dopamine naturally:

  1. Get sunshine on the daily.
  2. Don’t go too low on protein.
  3. Balance your protein sources and don’t make meat your main protein source.

Decrease Prolactin

Prolactin is a protein that in humans is best known for its role in enabling females to produce milk and the hormone is associated with human milk production. Prolactin is secreted from the pituitary gland in response to eating, mating, estrogen treatment, ovulation and nursing.

Doesn’t sound too much of a masculine hormone does it? Well it ain’t a hormone men should have high quantities of and prolactin itself is a strong dopamine antagonist, directly suppressing dopamine.

Again, a simple way to increase dopamine naturally is to decrease prolactin. A couple simple ways to decrease prolactin:

  1. Don’t play with your dick too often and don’t have sex every few hours.
  2. Eat anti-estrogenic foods.
  3. Eat zinc-rich foods and/or supplement with zinc.

Set and Accomplish

Dopamine is a hormone driven by the end goal. Setting a goal and accomplishing that goal, no matter how small or big of a goal, will increase dopamine naturally.

“Within the brain, dopamine functions partly as a “global reward signal”, where an initial phasic dopamine response to a rewarding stimulus encodes information about the salience, value, and context of a reward.”study.

“Many types of pleasurable experiences—such as sex, enjoying food, or playing video games—increase dopamine release.”

“When a reward is greater than expected, the firing of certain DA neurons increases, which consequently increases desire or motivation towards the reward.”experiment.

Gamble the Odds

Dopamine is strongly associated with risk-taking behavior. Dopamine makes one more prone to taking risks and it works vice versa as well – taking risks increases dopamine.

  1. Dopamine agonists are used in pathological gambling, compulsive sexual behavior, and compulsive buying (study).
  2. This experiment found out that high levels of dopamine leads to increased risk-taking.
  3. An experiment found out that dopamine is linked to risk-taking.
  4. This study found out that declining dopamine levels is the reason older people take less risks.
  5. Risk-taking and sensation-seeking is once again linked to dopamine in the brain, specifically D2 receptors (study).
  6. Then in another study dopamine is linked to an increased risk for substance and gambling addictions.

Calorie Deficit

Now a calorie deficit ain’t exactly ideal for androgens. A calorie deficit decreases testosterone, free testosterone, DHT, and it increases SHBG along with cortisol. However a calorie deficit increases dopamine as well and it makes sense from a biological view – you’re hungry and not getting adequate food, the motivation hormone, dopamine, is released to motivate you to find food.

Making sense from a biological view is one thing, scientific evidence is another thing.

In this experiment adult male rhesus monkeys ate a 30% calorie deficit for 6 months. At the end of the experiment the monkeys had significantly higher levels of locomotor activity and higher levels of dopamine and dopamine metabolites in the brain. They also found increased survival of dopamine neurons in the brain and improved manual dexterity.

how to increase dopamine naturally

  1. This experiment found out that dopamine D2 receptors decrease with age, however this decline is significantly blunted in food-restricted rats eating a slight calorie deficit compared to rats given free access to food.
  2. Food restriction leads to neuroadaptations at the dopamine D1 and D2 receptor-bearing cells (study).
  3. A calorie restriction increases dopamine and cAMP-regulated phosphoprotein (study).

Cold Showers

Cold showers wake you up and pump you up because of the huge dopamine and noradrenaline release they cause.

In this experiment a group of young men were examined during a one hour cold water immersion. The temperatures used were 32 degrees C, 20 degrees C and 14 degrees C.

The results were:

  • Immersion at 32 degrees C didn’t change rectal temperature and metabolic rate, but lowered heart rate by 15% and systolic and diastolic blood pressures by 11% or 12%. Plasma renin activity, plasma cortisol and aldosterone concentrations were also lowered by 46%, 34%, and 17%, while diuresis was increased by 107%.
  • Immersion at 20 degrees C resulted in the same thing as 32 degrees C with the exception of lowering rectal temperature, increasing metabolic rate by 93%, and decreasing cortisol.
  • Immersion at 14 degrees C lowered rectal temperature and increased metabolic rate by 350% and heart rate and systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 5%, 7%, and 8%. Noradrenaline and dopamine concentrations increased by 530% and by 250%, while diuresis increased by 163%. Plasma aldosterone concentrations increased by 23%, cortisol decreased, and adrenaline remained the same.

how to increase dopamine naturally

Cold showers are an effective technique for increased productivity and to increase dopamine naturally.

Sun’s Out Dopamine’s Out

The sun is not just a way to get a truck load of vitamin D, stimulate the pituitary gland, balance out neurotransmitters, increase testosterone, lower prolactin, improve cognition, and keep the adrenal glands running smoothly, the sun is a way to increase dopamine naturally and dopamine receptors as well.

This experiment says the dopaminergic system is correlated with seasonality.

The experiment’s intention is to find dopamine D(2)/D(3) receptor availability between healthy volunteers who have a high-sunshine exposure and those who have a low exposure.

The findings are – dopamine D(2)/D(3) receptor availability is significantly greater in those with high-sunshine exposure than in those with low-sunshine exposure.

Cup of Coffee

A good old cup of coffee or two always delivers, that is unless you abuse it.

You all know that feeling coffee delivers, the feeling of being on top of the world with skyrocketed energy and amplified will-power. Well some of that feeling can be attributed to coffee’s effect on dopamine.

See coffee is a damn potent dopamine booster with abilities to increase dopamine naturally backed up by many studies.

  1. Caffeine enhances dopamine signaling in the brain mostly by antagonizing adenosine A2Areceptors (study).
  2. In this experiment caffeine significantly increases the availability of D2/D3receptors in some parts of the brain (in putamen and ventral striatum, but not in caudate).
  3. The caffeine-induced increases in D2/D3 receptor availability in the ventral striatum is associated with caffeine-induced increases in alertness (study).
  4. Caffeine might enhance arousal by up-regulating D2/D3 receptors (study).
  5. This experiment done on fruit flies concluded that caffeine promotes wakefulness via dopamine signaling.
  6. Another experiment found out that caffeine activates noradrenaline neurons and seems to affect the local release of dopamine.
  7. Caffeine stimulates transcription of the dopamine 2 receptor gene and increases dopamine 2 receptor protein expression (study).
  8. Caffeine increases spontaneous firing of neurons between 12-80 minutes after treatment and increases dopamine 2 receptor mRNA expression after 4 hours (study).
  9. Caffeine regulates dopamine transporter density and improves attention and cognitive deficits (study).
  10. In this experiment done on humans caffeine induces a 12% decrease in midline thalamic binding potential and it increases ventral striatal binding potential, which correlates with caffeine-related arousal and putaminal dopamine D(2) receptor binding.
  11. Caffeine increases calcium signaling and dopamine release (study).

how to increase dopamine naturally

how to increase dopamine naturally

how to increase dopamine naturally

Round of Chocolate

I remember back in high school girls would go crazy over chocolate saying something like it gives them a sugar rush and they feel good. Easy way to get a girl down for fun – give her some damn potent, strong, and raw dark chocolate.

Its not the sugar rush doing the magic, it ain’t the good taste either, its straight up dopamine. The mechanism is simple – chocolate has a compound called phenylethylamine, this compound acts like an amphetamine, stimulating your brain cells to release dopamine.

As this study says -phenylethylamine stimulates dopamine release in the brain through uptake by a dopamine transporter.

A few good pictures from the study:

how to increase dopamine naturally how to increase dopamine naturally

This ain’t a one time one hit study either, there are TONS of studies and experiments proving amphetamine’s ability to increase dopamine naturally.

Make the Weights Fly and Bend the Bar

Every man knows the perky upsides of weight training and calisthenics. Nothing new here, nothing mysterious here, and nothing unheard of here. There is one more adequately perky upside to weight lifting and calisthenics though and that is dopamine. Weight lifting and calisthenics increase dopamine naturally.

A study here says exercise leads to increased serum calcium levels and the calcium is transported to the brain. This enhances brain dopamine synthesis through a calmodulin-dependent system.

how to increase dopamine naturally

  1. Treadmill exercise elevates striatal dopamine D2 receptor binding potential (study).
  2. Skilled exercise differentially affects frontal-striatal related circuits to a greater degree than pure aerobic exercise (study).
  3. Exercise enhances dopamine D2 expression in the brain (study).
  4. Another study found out that exercise elevates dopamine D2 receptor.
  5. Exercise decreases striatal dopamine turnover (study).
  6. Wheel running increases D2 postsynaptic receptor mRNA (study).
  7. Physically active animals have an enhanced ability to increase dopamine synthesis and reduce D2 autoreceptor-mediated inhibition of dopamine neurons. In simple words – physically active animals have more dopamine and for a longer time (study).

how to increase dopamine naturally


Meditation comes through different forms and practices, it all results in the same outcome though – clearing of thoughts and a tranquil mind.

Meditation is another way to increase dopamine naturally and buddha monks might be packing some high dopamine levels.

  1. Yoga Nidra meditation causes a dopamine release in the ventral striatum (study).
  2. During meditation, 11C-raclopride binding in ventral striatum decreases by 7.9% and this corresponds to a 65% increase in dopamine release (study).
  3. Different forms of meditation all increase dopamine naturally (study).

how to increase dopamine naturally

Wet Girl’s Panties

Make some girls wet their panties, but don’t stop there. Seal the deal and you’re on your way to increase dopamine naturally via one of the funnest “protocols”.

First of all realize that dopamine itself stimulates arousal and sexual behavior (study). This easily puts you in a positive feedback loop of wetting girl’s panties.

  1. Dopamine increases slightly but significantly in the nucleus accumbens in a sexually active male (study).
  2. Dopamine increases significantly in the dorsal striatum during sex (study).
  3. Dopamine metabolites significantly increase during sex as well (study).
  4. Dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens is significantly greater during sex than during running (study).
  5. Dopamine increases significantly when males are presented with a sexually receptive female and increases even further during sex (study).


A good old massage is a sure way to relax and feel good. The effects are probably amplified if the massage is from a girl with wet panties. Either way a massage is good stuff and a massage can increase dopamine naturally.

  1. A massage decreases cortisol and increases dopamine and serotonin (study).
  2. A massage decreases cortisol by 31% on average (study).
  3. A massage increases serotonin by 28% on average and dopamine by 31% on average (study).
  4. The immediate massage therapy effects are reduced anxiety, depressed mood, and anger (study).
  5. The longer term massage therapy effects are reduced depression and hostility and increased urinary dopamine, serotonin values, NK cell number, and lymphocytes (study).
  6. In this experiment a massage group, when compared to a relaxation group, experienced less pain, depression, anxiety and improved sleep.
  7. In the same experiment the massage group also experienced improved trunk and pain flexion performance and higher dopamine and serotonin levels.
  8. Massage has a positive effect on biochemistry, increasing levels of dopamine, lymphocytes, and natural killer cells (study).
  9. This study says massage elevates dopamine levels.

Music Tracks

There’s a reason music pumps you full of energy and adds a few reps to your lifts. By now you probably figured that reason is dopamine. Listening to some music that pumps you up can increase dopamine naturally.

how to increase dopamine naturally

Photo source – NCBI

  1. Music might regulate/affect various brain functions through dopaminergic neurotransmission and might be effective for treating disorders caused by dopamine dysfunction (study).
  2. Listening to music even increases serum calcium level (study).
  3. The dopaminergic system mediates pleasure associated with music (study).
  4. A strong emotional response to music leads to a dopamine release in the brain (study).
  5. Another experiment found out the same thing – dopamine release at peak emotional arousal during music listening.

how to increase dopamine naturally how to increase dopamine naturally

DHT Manual

The DHT Manual is the FIRST and GREATEST program on increasing DHT naturally. Any men even slightly interested in DHT, the greatest male hormone, should see the DHT Manual.

There’s not a single program out there on increasing DHT naturally. When a new program on increasing DHT naturally will come out it will just be a spin-off of this program.

That’s because the DHT Manual has everything there is out there. I ensured this myself by going through every single DHT study and experiment out there. This is the most complete program on increasing DHT naturally. Unless some revolutionary new research with actionable steps comes out (it won’t for at least the next 50 years) then this will remain the most complete and greatest program.

Download the DHT Manual here.

You’re probably wondering what the DHT Manual has to do with dopamine and increasing dopamine naturally. That’s a legit concern, but there’s a very simple explanation – DHT is REQUIRED for dopaminergic activity in the brain. DHT stimulates the activity of dopamine in some areas of the brain (study).

how to increase dopamine naturally

Fix Adrenal Fatigue

There are many causes to adrenal fatigue, the most common ones being stress, shitty diet, and stimulant abuse.

Adrenal fatigue hammers dopamine production. Dopamine is synthesized in the inner organ of the adrenal glands (study). Burned out adrenal glands won’t synthesize dopamine efficiently and effectively leading to low dopamine levels.

A simple way to increase dopamine naturally is to fix adrenal fatigue.

Stay Away from Antipsychotic Drugs

Antipsychotics are a class of psychiatric medication primarily used to manage psychosis (including delusions, hallucinations, paranoia or disordered thought), principally in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Both generations of medication block dopamine receptors in the brain.

Antipsychotic drugs are dopamine antagonists and lower dopamine activity (study).

Hopping off these drugs is a simple way to increase dopamine naturally.

Don’t Go Too High on Fats

Fats are a great and essential macronutrient. However its moderation that makes fats great. Going too high in fats can mess up hormones and blunt the dopamine system in the brain. On the flipside going too low in fats can stunt androgen production. The fine line is getting about 30-40% of your calories from fats.

  1. High-fat consumption can cause impairments in the functioning of the dopamine system (study).
  2. High fat diets can dysregulate the dopamine neurotransmitter system (study).
  3. In this experiment male and female mice were fed a 60% high fat diet for 12 weeks. The experiment’s intention was to see how a high fat diet would affect the dopamine system. The results were – the high fat diet decreased expression of dopamine genes and decreased dopamine content and alterations in dopamine transporter promoter methylation.
  4. A high fat diet decreases dopamine terminal function (study).
  5. In this experiment rats fed a high fat diet had a deficit in the rate of dopamine reuptake.
  6. Then in the same experiment the dopamine increase caused from giving the rats cocaine was significantly reduced in the rats fed a high fat diet.

how to increase dopamine naturally

how to increase dopamine naturally

Eat L-Dopa Rich Foods

L-DOPA is a direct precursor of dopamine. L-DOPA is converted into dopamine by the enzyme aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase with pyridoxal phosphate as the cofactor.

Remember that formula from earlier?

L-Phenylalanine → L-Tyrosine → L-DOPA → Dopamine

L-DOPA is the last step in the biosynthesis of dopamine.

Its well known that consuming L-DOPA through supplementation or food increases dopamine naturally.

Foods rich in L-DOPA (source):

  • Mucuna pruriens
  • Holtonii
  • Andreana
  • Aterrima
  • Gigantean
  • Tamarindus indica
  • Sesbania bispinosa
  • Entada scandens
  • Acacia leucophloea
  • Bauhinia variegata
  • Canavalia gladiata
  • Vigna aconitifolia
  • Unguiculata
  • Vexillata
  • Prosopis Chilensis

Out of all those Mucuna pruriens is the richest one and highest source of dietary L-DOPA (study).

how to increase dopamine naturally how to increase dopamine naturally

Eat Tyrosine Rich Foods

Tyrosine is another precursor of dopamine. In dopaminergic cells in the brain, tyrosine is converted to L-DOPA, which then gets converted to dopamine by removing a carboxyl group from L-DOPA.

Let me pull up that formula one more time.

L-Phenylalanine → L-Tyrosine → L-DOPA → Dopamine

L-Tyrosine is the second step in the biosynthesis of dopamine.

Consuming tyrosine or supplementing it is shown to increase dopamine naturally.

Foods rich in tyrosine (source):

  • Spirulina
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Salmon
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Royal Jelly

how to increase dopamine naturally

Fix Tryptophan Dominance

Tryptophan is an α-amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. Tryptophan is the precursor of serotonin, which in high quantities antagonizes dopamine.

In traditional diets all the animal parts were eaten instead of eating muscle meats only, which created a good balance of amino acids.

The problem is that the muscle meats are tryptophan dominated and eating muscle meats on a typical basis creates a tryptophan amino acid dominance, which then leads to excessive serotonin, and excessive serotonin antagonizes dopamine.

Increased glycine intake improves the amino acids profile, creating a more ideal balance of amino acids such as a better ratio of glycine to tryptophan.

A good balance of gelatin to muscle meat is needed for optimal neurotransmitters function and that includes dopamine.

Bottom line is – eat a variety of different protein sources such as animal meats, animal organs, dairy, and gelatin. Don’t get most of your protein from muscle meats only as that’ll create an imbalance of amino acids, favoring tryptophan dominance and leading to excess serotonin.

This is all sourced from Ray Peat’s work.

Supplements That Increase Dopamine Naturally

  1. Amino acids with a favorable ratio
  2. Mucuna pruriens
  3. L-DOPA
  4. Tyrosine
  5. Curcumin
  6. Ginkgo biloba
  7. Calcium
  8. Taurine
  9. Creatine
  10. Probiotics
Amino Acids with a Favorable Ratio
  • The administration of amino acid mixtures that are selectively deficient in tryptophan plus tyrosine can decrease serotonin synthesis (study).
  • In one experiment an amino acid mixture like this lowered plasma concentrations of the 3 deficient amino acids by 67%, 78%, and 77% and their ratio to other amino acids decreased by 87%, 90%, and 90%.
Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna pruriens is well-known to increase dopamine naturally.


L-Phenylalanine → L-Tyrosine → L-DOPA → Dopamine

Its well known that consuming L-DOPA through supplementation or food increases dopamine naturally.


L-Phenylalanine → L-TyrosineL-DOPA → Dopamine

Consuming tyrosine or supplementing it is shown to increase dopamine naturally.


Curcumin is found to increase dopamine naturally in multiple studies.

Ginkgo Biloba
  • In this experiment treatment with Ginkgo Biloba significantly increased extracellular dopamine and noradrenaline levels with no effect on 5-HT levels.
  • There were dose-dependent increases in frontocortical dopamine levels.

Calcium indirectly increases dopamine levels.


There’s some evidence out there that taurine can increase dopamine naturally.

  • Creatine can increase post-training dopamine levels and keep dopamine levels stable (study).
  • A lot of bad bacteria in the system leaves byproducts called lipopolysaccharides and these byproducts lower dopamine levels (study).
  • Probiotics can balance out the good and bad bacteria and increase dopamine naturally.

Dopamine Shoot up Protocol

Dopamine is the set and achieve feel-good hormone. You set goals, achieve them, and win. Dopamine craves accomplishment and fuels enthusiasm.

Men that look “dead in the eye” with no interest, will-power, motivation, enthusiasm, and energy aren’t getting old, they aren’t boring, they aren’t always depressed either. Men that look “dead in the eye” are simply lacking dopamine. Either by not pursuing dreams, taking risks, and working for something with the end goal in mind.

A simple protocol to increase dopamine naturally. You won’t be shooting anything up your arms, what you will shoot up is your dopamine.

  1. Work hard with an end goal in mind.
  2. Accomplish the goal.
  3. Play some music that pumps you up.
  4. Light a fine cigar (optional).

Creating this article right now is dopamine at works. I’m working for something with the end goal in my mind and every single article puts me a step closer. Once I finish this article and post it you can bet my dopamine will shoot up high. On top of that I’ll play a hard hip hop song or some other song that pumps me up and that takes my dopamine even higher. To top all that I’ll light a fine cigar and puff tobacco while listening to a song and having the accomplished mindset.


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