Boron and Testosterone

Boron and Free Testosterone – the Boron Confliction

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Boron doesn’t have too much evidence and is not so well-known. The evidence it does have shows some REAL great results. However there’s some conflicting data as well and there’s no solid conclusion. So lets look at the evidence on boron and testosterone.

Boron and Testosterone – Boron Increases Free Testosterone and Lowers Estrogen

In this experiment there were 8 healthy men that took 10mg of boron daily for a week.

The experiment noted a couple things down:

  1. Boron in plasma increased significantly following hours and weekly consumption.
  2. Six hours supplementation showed a significant decrease in SHBG, high sensitive CRP (hsCRP) and TNF-α level.
  3. After one week plasma free testosterone increased 28% and plasma estradiol decreased 39%.
  4. DHT, cortisol, and vitamin D were elevated.
  5. All three inflammatory biomarkers decreased.

Boron and Testosterone

Another experiment with the intention to find out how boron impacted serum vitamin D levels found out that boron increased free testosterone levels by 29.5%.

Two rat studies (1, 2) found out that boron dose-dependently increases testosterone levels.

Boron and Testosterone – Boron Increases Estrogen

This experiment was done on 12 women between the ages of 48-82. The women took 3mg of boron a day.

The experiment noted a couple things down:

  1. Boron markedly reduced the urinary excretion of calcium and magnesium.
  2. Boron depressed the urinary excretion of phosphorus by the low-magnesium, but not by the adequate-magnesium.
  3. Boron markedly elevated the serum concentrations of estradiol and testosterone; the elevation seemed more marked when dietary magnesium was low.

This next experiment had 18 healthy men taking a boron supplement in doses of 10mg a day.

The results were – plasma estradiol concentrations increased significantly, from 51.9 +/- 21.4pmol/L to 73.9 +/- 22.2 pmol/L.

Boron and Testosterone

Boron and Testosterone Theory

One theory is that the estrogen increase/decrease from boron supplementation depends on the amount of aromatization (conversion of testosterone to estrogen) going on in the body. The evidence on boron is conflicting but it concludes one thing – there’s an increase in testosterone. Now a man with a belly or a higher body fat %, or a man eating a lot of estrogenic foods or being exposed to a lot of estrogenic chemicals will have more aromatization going on and therefore convert more of that testosterone generated from boron into estrogen. Maybe take boron only when you’re lean. That’s just a theory though, try it out and see how you feel.


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