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The Most Potent Natural Estrogen Blockers

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An estrogen blocker is simply a compound that blocks estrogen by different mechanisms such as – inhibiting aromatase, blocking estrogen receptors, or increasing DHT.

There are natural and unnatural estrogen blockers. Aromatase inhibitors and SERMS are drugs that lower estrogen levels – aromatase inhibitors by inhibiting the aromatase enzymes, which convert androgens to estrogens, and SERMS by binding to the estrogen receptors and preventing estrogen’s entrance to the receptors.

Estrogen blocking drugs are real potent but drugs are never safe to play around with since the body is a complex machine and changing a function makes other functions change as well.

On the flipside some natural estrogen blockers have enough potency to make a change without the downside of the risk to fuck up your body.

Estrogen Blocker Enlightenment – the Most Potent Natural Estrogen Blockers

  1. DHT
  2. A lean body
  3. Low exposure to endocrine disruptors
  4. White mushrooms
  5. Red grapes
  6. Tobacco


DHT – the most androgenic hormone with the most androgen receptor affinity.

DHT gets a lot of bad press from hair loss and prostate cancer but that’s all old inconclusive news and if you’ve been around you know the greatness of DHT quite well.

DHT is a strong antagonist of estrogen and keeps estrogen well in check. Testosterone doesn’t always stay in your bloodstream as testosterone, it converts to either estrogen via aromatase or to DHT via 5 alpha reductase. The HPTA sees this conversion go thorough and lowers testosterone production when there’s an adequate amount of hormones converted – estrogen and DHT.

When most of your testosterone is converted into DHT this leaves less testosterone to be converted into estrogens via HPTA’s negative feedback loop where it sees an adequate amount of hormones. Now when your testosterone doesn’t convert enough into DHT this leaves more testosterone converting into estrogen. This mechanism of the HPTA makes DHT a potent estrogen blocker.

P.S. See the DHT Manual for an evidence based program on natural DHT enhancement.

A Lean Body

A high body fat and estrogen go hand in hand and this is because of a simple mechanism – adipose tissue increases aromatase enzymes and therefore increases estrogen (study).

Top that with a high body fat increasing the breakdown of DHT, a strong estrogen blocker on it’s own, to less potent forms (study).

Then top it again with a high body fat increasing cortisol (study), the stress hormone, a hormone that drowns testosterone (study) and increases estrogen (study).

A high body fat puts men in a positive feedback loop that favors estrogen. A lean body is a strong estrogen blocker free of cost and within the reach of every man.

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Low Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors

Just like a high body fat and estrogen go hand in hand, a high exposure to endocrine disruptors and estrogen go hand in hand as well and the mechanism behind this is even simpler – most endocrine disruptors act as estrogen mimics or block other hormones such as testosterone and DHT (study).

  1. Endocrine disruptors negatively affect most hormones, glands, and organs (study).
  2. There are over 85 found and identified endocrine disruptors (study).
  3. Pesticides are anti-androgenic (study).
  4. Pesticides decrease DHT (study).
  5. BPA potently increases estrogen (study).

The world after the 20th century is full of endocrine disruptors; anywhere and everywhere. From the city air to hygiene products to water bottles.

Where there’s man-made chemicals there’s endocrine disruption. A low exposure to endocrine disruptors is as good as an estrogen blocker.

P.S. The Free Testosterone Uncaged program has a whole section dedicated to evidence based protocols on naturally lowering estrogen.

White Mushrooms

White mushrooms is one of the most potent natural estrogen blocker out there.

In an experiment that tested 7 vegetable extracts for aromatase inhibiting potency white mushrooms was the most potent one.

White mushrooms dose-dependently inhibit aromatase. At 50 μL of a white mushroom extract aromatase is inhibited by 50% (study).


White mushrooms suppress aromatase activity and estrogen biosynthesis and they’re used as a breast cancer chemopreventive agent (study).

Red Grapes

Red grapes is another one of the most potent natural estrogen blocker out there.

The skin of red grapes has a compound, resveratrol, which inhibits aromatase. The seeds of red grapes have another compound, proanthocyanidin, which inhibits aromatase as well.

“Resveratrol inhibited the aromatase activity with an IC(50) value of 25 microM. Kinetic analysis indicated that both competitive and noncompetitive inhibition might be involved.”

“Pharmacological dosage of resveratrol inhibited aromatase at both the enzyme and mRNA levels.”study.


Grape seed extract is an aromatase inhibitor and a suppressor of aromatase expression (study).


Resveratrol and grape seeds both potently inhibit aromatase activity, making red grapes a damn potent natural estrogen blocker.


Tobacco, often called the gateway drug, is a plant originating from South America and now used worldwide as a smoke.

Tobacco is a potent estrogen blocker via two mechanisms – DHT breakdown prevention and aromatase inhibition.

Nicotine, found in tobacco, potently inhibits aromatase enzymes (study).

Then nicotine and cotinine, a metabolite of nicotine, both dose-dependently prevent the breakdown of DHT to less potent forms, accumulating more DHT in the bloodstream (study).

This leads to less estrogen and more DHT, which is already a potent estrogen blocker, making tobacco a pretty potent estrogen blocker.

Tobacco’s effects on health are well-known and don’t need any recalls as that’s a different story.


There you have it – the most potent natural estrogen blockers.


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    Do these block 5ar to some extent? Also, do raisins contain the same compounds as red grapes? I think usually raisins are made from green grapes, and apparently they might contain some mold toxins, but it’s such an easy thing to snack on.

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