Anabolic Apex DHT Manual

Anabolic Apex DHT Manual

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I’ve been waiting a long time for this day to come. The day I release the world’s FIRST and GREATEST DHT program – the DHT Manual.

There’s not a single program out there on increasing DHT naturally. When a new program on increasing DHT naturally will come out it will just be a spin-off of this program.

That’s because the DHT Manual has everything there is out there. I ensured this myself by going through every single DHT study and experiment out there. This is the most complete program on increasing DHT naturally. Unless some revolutionary new research with actionable steps comes out (it won’t for at least the next 50 years) then this will remain the most complete and greatest program.

DHT Manual Contents

I – DHT Intro

  • The greatness of DHT
  • 42 scientifically proven upsides of DHT

II – Supercharging DHT Naturally

  • 22 principles to increase DHT naturally
  • DHT diet and nutrition plan
  • DHT supplements plan
  • DHT training plan
  • Wild plan
  • Winner’s mindset plan
  • DHT apex plan
  • DHT lifelong plan

III – Nails on the Road – 5 Alpha Reductase Inhibitors

  • 101 found and identified 5 alpha inhibitors
  • 5 alpha inhibitors broken down into categories
  • Scientific evidence on each and every 101 5 alpha inhibitors
  • Most potent 5 alpha inhibitors
  • Most potent foods at inhibiting 5 alpha reductase

IV – Lean Manual

  • Lean, mean, and keen machine
  • Iron law of cutting body fat
  • Steel law of cutting body fat for fat men
  • Intermittent fasting is a gift from God
  • Drowning estrogen during a cut
  • Turbocharging maintenance calories
  • Art of the cut
  • Lean plan

All men know that getting lean and staying lean is beyond great for testosterone, DHT, and overall androgens. The DHT Manual has a whole complete section on how to actually get to a single body fat % as a natural and how to maintain a low body fat % without starving yourself or hammering your androgens.

I reached a single digit body fat % using the DHT Manual and I maintain a low body fat (10-14%) all the time without the downsides that come with staying at a low body fat %.

The DHT Manual has actionable plans for everything needed to supercharge DHT production naturally and live live on all wheel drive. This includes getting lean, developing a winner’s mindset, and a lot more.

The DHT Manual has ALL the studied compounds that inhibit the 5 alpha reductase. This way you can run anything through the DHT Manual and see if its a 5 alpha inhibitor. Then the DHT Manual breaks down the compounds by potency so you don’t lose every piece of hair on your head stressing over the 101 5 alpha inhibitors.

DHT Manual Behind the Works

There are 225 pages in the DHT Manual program.

Anabolic Apex DHT Manual

I had my eyes on every piece of research on DHT available to the general population.

Anabolic Apex DHT Manual

I experimented for months with different foods, diet modifications, macros, macro ratios, and intermittent fasting routines.

Anabolic Apex DHT Manual

I experimented for months with different supplements, herbs, combinations, and dosages.

Herbs and Supplements

I reached a single digit body fat % naturally without hammering my androgens.

Anabolic Apex DHT Manual

I put everything I have, know, learned, researched, experimented, and am in the DHT Manual.

Anabolic Apex DHT Manual

Lean Manual Results

Anabolic Apex DHT Manual

I’m not good at writing the type of stuff that’ll play with your head and get you to invest in this program, so I’ll just tell you directly without any fluff or marketing tactics – I put everything into this program and this is the world’s greatest DHT program. You have my word on that – if the DHT Manual is not great just tell me and I’ll refund you 100% of your money.

–> Download the DHT Manual!!! <–

Anabolic Apex DHT Manual

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