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Estrogen Elimination – 20 Ways to Lower Estrogen Levels Naturally

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Estrogen is hidden everywhere, sometimes not even hidden, but straight up in your food. It increases your SHBG, lowers your testosterone, and decreases all the fractions of free androgens. Every man needs to lower estrogen levels naturally.

The way you can tell if your estrogen is too high is..

  • Moody like a girl on her period
  • Emotional and sensitive
  • Real empathetic
  • Approval seeking
  • Over 15% body fat
  • No body hair or very little (young men only)

Estrogen is femininity and androgen is masculinity. Anything girly girls do is estrogen driven. An estrogen dominated man acts on feelings and emotions. An androgen dominated man acts on logic.

This is why slick salesman sell in a way that pushes emotions, targeted at desperate and feminine men, and women.

Its all in the human nature and bottom line is real high estrogen levels in a man is fucking disgusting and needs to be a priority to lower estrogen levels naturally.

20 Ways to Lower Estrogen Levels Naturally

  1. Get lean, don’t be fat
  2. Increase DHT
  3. Stay away from processed meats
  4. Stay away from high fat dairy
  5. Go grass fed if you can afford it
  6. Stay away from molds and old food
  7. Stay away from cosmetic products
  8. Stay away from hygiene products
  9. Stay away from air fresheners
  10. Plastic = fuck up androgens and up the estrogens
  11. Where there’s man-made chemicals there’s estrogen
  12. Eat anti-estrogenic foods
  13. Soy is the devil
  14. Binge drinking = enjoy your extra estrogen and inactive DHT
  15. Fast for autophagy
  16. Fiber plays a role
  17. Calcium d glucarate supplement
  18. Grape seed supplement
  19. Indole-3-carbinol supplement
  20. Pine pollen supplement

Get Lean, Don’t Be Fat

This is no damn surprise. Getting lean and not being fat is FIRST and TOP PRIORITY thing you need to do. Do what it takes and lose the damn fat. Shred that shit away.

Intermittent fasting on a calorie deficit while eating foods that increase DHT and foods that lower estrogen levels is how you get real lean.

You know what happens when obese men lose that disgusting fat? Most of the time their testosterone levels double or triple. Now if you’re around 14% body fat you won’t double your testosterone by going down to 10%, but you’ll increase your DHT and insulin sensitivity some.

As you know body fat..

  • Breaks down DHT to a less-potent form (study)
  • Keeps DHT in the blood for a shorter time
  • Increases aromatase activity (the enzyme that converts estrogen from testosterone), therefore increases estrogen (study)
  • Decreases insulin sensitivity (study)
  • Decreases resting metabolism rate

Lean is the holy grail.

Increase DHT

A higher DHT level will inhibit aromatase activity and therefore you’ll have less estrogen. Having less estrogen means you won’t need that much SHBG to tie to estrogens. So less estrogen will lower SHBG and DHT will lower estrogen.

I have a good amount of posts on DHT. I found a revolutionary way to increase DHT by bypassing testosterone conversion completely, I had my hands on about every DHT study available, I’m living a high DHT lifestyle.

All my DHT posts so far (you can bet there’ll be more coming)…

Stay Away from Processed Meats

Beef jerky, salami, McChickens, chicken tenders, microwave hot wings, hot dogs, … They taste good, especially beef jerky and salami, but they’re filled with estrogens.

Stick to the real deal, not the processed shit they feed dogs. I’m talking grilled steak, oven baked chicken, pan fried chicken liver, grilled beef heart, and all that delicious real meat.

I had a day when I spiked my estrogen (accidentally) and I felt like shit. I ate some sorghum bread that was old and had some mold which I didn’t notice, and along with that I ate a lot of beef and pork fat salami. That’s a recipe for a huge estrogen spike. I used some calcium-d-glucarate later that day though. That wiped out those estrogens from my system and the following day I felt great again.

Stay Away from High Fat Dairy

I’m a big dairy fan.. This was a huge disappointment for me when I first found out and wrote this post.

Dairy is real great for androgens in every damn way..

  • High saturated fat
  • Low monounsaturated fat
  • Little to no polyunsaturated fat
  • Some good protein along with amino acids
  • Some cholesterol
  • A lot of vitamin D
  • Some other vitamins and minerals
  • Super convenient food (like buying a jug of milk and drinking that in a day, going back and buying one more)
  • Affordable prices on dairy products
  • Tastes damn great

Every damn way except ONE, which makes it all not worth it – fucking greedy shit-head criminals in the dairy business.

What they do is milk cows 24/7 year round. That includes when the cows are pregnant and most of the time they are. Well when cows are pregnant they release huge amounts of estrogens, which all goes in the fat of your milk and dairy products (study).

The option you are left with is to get low-fat dairy. Low-fat dairy isn’t worth it though since it takes away the saturated fat.

Paradise lost.

Here’s where it gets good – butter is the exception. God left a piece of paradise in this world. Not only is butter not full of estrogens, its the holy grail of foods – the greatest of great.

The process of churning butter from milk brings this component called 5alpha-pregnanedionea. That component is a direct precursor to DHT.

Get some grass-fed butter here and enjoy your piece of paradise.

Go Grass Fed If You Can Afford It

Grass fed beef, grass fed chicken eggs, grass fed butter, grass fed everything. The price difference is small and the pay-to-benefit ratio is great.

Watch out for soy-fed chickens when buying eggs, or soy-fed cows. Sometimes its written on the product package, other times its not.

As you know, soy decreases testosterone and increases estrogen big time. So you don’t want food fed with soy.

Since you don’t know if a product is soy-fed or not, just go with grass fed when its available. Grass fed = most likely not soy-fed.

Stay Away from Molds and Old Food

Molds are estrogenic and old food probably has some molding.

Watch out for molds on sorghum bread, it molds real fast. The way to make sure it doesn’t mold is keep it in your freezer and take out however much sorghum bread you’ll eat that day every morning.

Study says – Fusarium is a mold found in a variety of host plants and soil debris around the world. Zearalenone is a mold toxin produced by different strains of Fusarium fungi, which are found in contaminated grain.

This compound and its metabolites, which can get into animals fed contaminated grain have an estrogenic effect approximately half that of estradiol.

Animals exposed to zearalenone had decreased fertility. Other animal species had reduced libido due to depressed levels of testosterone upon ingestion of this mold toxin.

Studies show that metabolites of zearalenone in the body have an estrogenic effect several times higher that zearalenone itself.

Stay Away from Cosmetic Products

This isn’t a big problem, men don’t use makeup. But any kind of cream has xenoestrogens, other estrogen mimics, and all kinds of nasty chemicals.

Chamois cream used by pro cyclists skyrockets estrogen. Something about cycling and using that cream skyrocketed estrogen by 200% in pro cyclists (study).

Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetic products. Most cosmetic products have at least a few different kinds of parabens. Parabens act like estrogen in the body and produce estrogenic effects.

The study admits that parabens are estrogenic but then they try to throw some horse shit your way and not lose their business relations with cosmetic companies…

“FDA believes that at the present time there is no reason for consumers to be concerned about the use of cosmetics containing parabens.”

Who is the study by? The FDA.

Stay Away from Hygiene Products and Air Fresheners

Same as cosmetic products, hygiene products have a lot of xenoestrogens, chemicals, and other estrogen mimics.

Study says – because of feedback loops in the body, amplification of these hormones in hygiene products could have the effect of depressing natural estrogen and androgen production, potentially impacting fertility and other hormone-dependent processes.

Another study – The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that parabens have hormone-disrupting qualities that mimic estrogen, interfering with the body’s endocrine system.

“Estrogen-mimicry effect of parabens  decreases testosterone levels, sperm counts and daily production of sperm in rats. Testosterone was found to decrease in a dose-dependent manner related to paraben concentration.”

One more study found – elevated estrogen levels linked to toxins in body care products.

Air fresheners are filled with estrogen too (study) (study).

What you can do to lower estrogen levels is get some real stuff for essentials.

  1. Natural toothpaste
  2. Natural soap
  3. Natural shampoo
  4. You can use baking soda to brush your teeth and soap to shave

Plastic = Fuck up Androgens and up the Estrogens

Plastic – another man-made chemical that fucks up androgens and ups the estrogens. You’ve heard of the notorious BPA in plastics before, this is nothing new.

This study says – The endocrine disruptor bisphenol A (BPA) alters sexual organs, including the prostate. Our previous findings indicated that BPA decreased the expression of 5α-R1 and 5α-R2 in rat prostate but also circulating T.

Simple fix – get a stainless steel water bottle and you’ll lower estrogen levels.

Where There’s Man-Made Chemicals There’s Estrogen

They’re trying to steal your androgens and feminize you.

BPA – This study concluded Bisphenol A (BPA) may cause testosterone reduction by adversely affecting both testis and pituitary systems.

ParabensStudy says – the serum testosterone concentration decreased in a dose-dependent manner and the decrease was significant in the group that received the highest dose of parabens.

Aluminium – In this study results obtained showed that aluminium significantly decreased plasma testosterone, follicular stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, sperm count, motility, morphology and viability, superoxide dismutase, and catalase activities.

Fluorine – This study concluded that fluoride hampers the reproductive functions of male rabbits and is proportional to the duration of fluoride exposure.

Mercury – In this study they found out that workers in contact with mercury had lower testosterone.

Pesticides – In this study they found that pesticides act as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. The enzyme 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

These are just a few that came to my mind. There are hundreds more.

Eat Anti-Estrogenic Foods

There’s foods that increase testosterone, foods that increase DHT, foods that lower SHBG, and there’s foods that lower estrogen levels.

Some foods lower estrogen levels because of components in them like DIM, others just remove toxins and xenoestrogens from the body and flush out estrogen.

Thing with anti-estrogenic foods is some of them inhibit 5 alpha reductase not only aromatase enzymes. So some anti-estrogenic foods lower DHT somewhat. I don’t think its a problem though since lower estrogen levels increase DHT, so that makes up for the 5 alpha reductase inhibition.

Some great foods that lower estrogen levels..

  • cruciferous vegetables
  • spinach
  • pomegranates
  • grapes
  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • onions
  • garlic
  • berries
  • citrus fruits

Soy Is the Devil

Fuck soy. It lowers T, DHT, and increases estrogen. Straight up turns you into a woman.

There’s a super solid study done on a man that switched to soy. The man was 19 years old. His androgens were fine, but then he started eating a good amount of soy as part of his diet. Some time later, the man’s dick didn’t work and he lost interest in sex. His DHEA, testosterone, and DHT levels dropped a lot. Then a year after he stopped eating soy, his androgens were fine again and his dick was up and running again.

That’s enough damn evidence right there that soy is a piece of shit.

Turns out soy is super cheap and 93% of soy in the U.S. is genetically modified (study). This means business for food manufacturers and fucked up androgens for consumers.

Study looked at the effects of soy protein on testosterone. The mean testosterone at baseline was 491 ± 240 ng/dL (range, 276-1,181 ng/dL). At day 14 of therapy (not at the start of therapy), the testosterone was 411 ± 175.82 ng/dL (range, 198-872 ng/dL).

DHT takes a huge hit from soy as well.

This study found out that soy and other phytoestrogens act as 5-a inhibitors.

This study found out that isoflavones (genistein, daidzein and glyciteinin) in soy are the worst offenders of DHT.

Then this study concluded – soy protein, regardless of isoflavone content, decreased DHT and DHT/testosterone with minor effects on other hormones.

Binge Drinking = Enjoy Your Extra Estrogen and Inactive DHT

The occasional party here and there will fly. Its when alcohol is a couple times a week thing that its going to effect your androgens.

There are some studies that show that low amounts of alcohol can increase testosterone and one study where a shot of vodka post workout increased testosterone by 100%.

I wouldn’t use that as a way of increasing androgens though.

Alcohol breaks down DHT to it’s less potent form faster and doesn’t keep DHT in the bloodstream for as long.

Ethanol is the principal type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages, produced by the fermentation of sugars by yeasts.

This study found – ethanol increased DHT conversion to 3 beta – and 3 alpha-diol, in direct relation to the dose of ethanol added. The study concluded that ethanol may decrease the availability of the proposed active androgen.

This study says that ethanol reduced androgen receptors, serum LH and testosterone, resulting in impairment of the androgen-induced sexual events and a suppression of the pituitary gonadotropin secretion.

This study says – ethanol treatment significantly reduced the epididymal tissue/sperm carnitine, acetyl carnitine, GPC, and sialic acid.

All these changes were reverted back to normalcy after withdrawal of ethanol treatment, indicating the transient effects of ethanol. In conclusion, it is evident that ethanol has an adverse effect on sperm maturation, which may be affected due to the decrease in serum/epididymal testosterone and DHT levels.

A lower DHT level will increase estrogen levels since DHT is known to inhibit aromatase activity and inhibit estrogen in the brain, so DHT = lower estrogen levels.

Alcohol is filled with estrogens as well (study).

Another thing with alcohol is its notorious for fucking up the liver. Well the liver is real important, it regulates hormones and controls SHBG. Fucking up your liver can lead to high SHBG, low free testosterone, and other kinds of hormonal fuck ups.

Like I said, the occasional hit here and there won’t do jackshit. Just don’t go boozing daily.

Fast for Autophagy

Autophagy is the natural, destructive mechanism that disassembles, through a regulated process, unnecessary or dysfunctional cellular components. Autophagy allows the orderly degradation and recycling of cellular components.

Fasting induces autophagy a lot.

“Sporadic fasting might represent a simple, safe and inexpensive means to promote this potentially therapeutic neuronal response.” – study.

It goes like this..

  1. You fast
  2. Autophagy starts
  3. Autophagy removes toxins, xenoestrogenics, estrogen mimics, and other chemicals from the body
  4. You have less estrogenic chemicals in you, so lower estrogen levels
  5. Your liver doesn’t need to produce as much SHBG to tie to estrogens since you have lower estrogen levels
  6. Less SHBG leaves you with more free testosterone and free DHT

A study found – acute fasting decreases sexual receptivity and neural estrogen receptor-alpha in female rats.

Sounds great huh? Fasting is some great stuff, and its FREE. Start fasting.

Fiber Plays a Role

Nothing out there on fiber. Fiber does digestively push down and remove hormones though.

Too low = no digestive estrogen removal. Too high = too much digestive androgen removal.

I hear 25-35g of fiber is the sweet spot where you’re getting the estrogens removed, but you’re not so high that the androgens get removed either.

Who knows though.. You’ll have to run some trial and error with this one and see what works for you.

The only study I found on fiber is this one. The experiment had 2 groups, one on high-fat low-fiber, and the other on high-fiber, low-fat. The high-fat group had higher testosterone and lower SHBG, but that’s because fat is essential for androgen production. So who knows if fiber even did anything. That’s a stupid experiment.

Calcium D Glucarate Supplement

Calcium-D-Glucarate is a β-glucuronidase inhibitor that promotes the excretion of any molecule in a specific detoxification pathway.

An experiment done on rats given 10% of the diet as calcium-D-glucarate found out that they had 23% lower estrogen levels compared to control group.

DHEA, androstenedione, androsterone, and estrone increased approximately 200% after 2 days on a diet that had 10% calcium-D-glucarate in rats, and it went down to 50% after two weeks.

Study says – calcium d glucarate regulates estrogen metabolism and is a lipid-lowering agent.

Another study says – calcium glucarate inhibited the initiation phase of diethylnitrosamine-induced hepatocarcinogenesis.

One more study says – calcium d glucarate is effective at blocking estrogen receptors.

Try it out.

Grape Seed Supplement

Grape Seed Extract is a mixture of tannins and procyanidins (chains of catechins).

This study says – grape seed extract is an aromatase inhibitor and a suppressor of aromatase expression.

A vitro study found out that procyanidin B dimers in red wine and grape seeds could be used as chemopreventive agents against breast cancer by suppressing in situ estrogen biosynthesis.

A lot of studies found that grape seeds increase nitric oxide production, vascular function, improves blood flow, and has an antioxidant activity.

Grape seeds look good on paper and can probably lower estrogen levels. Pick up a grape seed extract here.

Indole-3-Carbinol Supplement

Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and other cruciferous vegetables are the highest sources of indole-3-carbinol (I3C).

  • I3C helps the liver metabolize estrogen efficiently
  • I3C converts estrogens into their less potent forms

Study says – I3C-induced estrogen 2-hydroxylation results in decreased concentrations of several metabolites known to activate the estrogen receptor. This effect may lower estrogen levels.

Study confirms that I3C blocks estrogen and is effective at lowering estrogen levels.

Get some I3C here.

Pine Pollen Supplement

Pine pollen is the only natural supplement/herb that has actual androstenedione and other androgens in it.

Examine says pine pollen contains Vitamin D3 at 200ng/g (8 IU per gram) while the active hormone 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D is at 10-300ng, Testosterone (80ng/g), epitestosterone (110ng/g), and androstenedione (590ng/g).

These 2 studies confirm this (study 1) (study 2).

Now the availability of these androgens in pine pollen is not known. 590ng/g of androstenedione is a good amount though. Even if a fraction of that is available for the body to use, that would equal in a lot of DHT production from 5a-androstanedione.

This study says – pine pollen is an attractive agent with potential to reduce aging and attenuate age-related diseases in humans.

This study says pine pollen has some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity in the body.

Note: The highest quality and biggest bang for your buck pine pollen product can be found here.

Wrap Up

The one single biggest impact on estrogen levels is body fat %. That’s what will lower estrogen levels big time. Even going from 12% body fat to 10% body fat will lower estrogen levels a decent amount.

The lower the better, but don’t expect to walk around at 7-8% year round. Never go higher than 15% though.

Calorie deficit ain’t the best thing for androgens so you have to know how to bake the cake, add icing, and eat it too.

Get my custom testosterone plan and you’re set. With a 3 month money back guarantee, the fuck do you have to lose? You’d spend more time and money on trial and error anyway. What can I say though – told you?


Credit due..

  1. Soy and Testosterone
  2. DIM and Testosterone
  3. Examine


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