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Getting Lean and Staying Lean Is the Holy Grail

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Getting lean is the echo that echoes around Anabolic Apex. Another word for lean is anti-aging. Getting and staying lean is the fucking holy grail, damn stop beating around the fucking bush and get lean, and stay lean – for a lifetime.

Getting lean is as simple as it gets – lose the body fat by eating less than your body uses. Getting lean is the foundation of high androgens, normal estrogen, normal thyroid, and normal cortisol.

Getting lean synergistically gets you where you’re shooting for. Its a synergy in itself, its all inner-connected.

Getting lean is one thing, staying lean is what counts. You get lean using intermittent fasting. You stay lean using intermittent fasting. Let me de-code that for you – intermittent fasting is the holy grail of getting and staying lean and being lean is THE holy grail.

Getting Lean and Staying Lean Is the Holy Grail

  1. Body fat breaks down DHT to a less potent form
  2. Body fat increases aromatase activity
  3. A high body fat % is linked to low testosterone
  4. Being fat increases cortisol and leptin
  5. Being lean increases human growth hormone production
  6. Being lean increases insulin sensitivity
  7. Being lean improves your health and longevity

Body Fat Breaks down DHT to a Less Potent Form

The enzymes located in the fat mass tissue neutralize DHT, breaking it down into a less potent byproduct, 5alpha-androstane 3alpha,17beta-diol (study).

This study says – enzymes in fat tissue not only convert testosterone into estradiol, but also transform the androgen DHT into inactive compounds. Overweight men more often have a shortage of androgen hormones than thin men do.

“Canadian researchers at Laval University have shown that enzymes in fat reserves deactivate DHT – and that they do this even more so, the bigger the fat layers. The more fat that men carry, the more DHT changes as a result into 5-alpha-androstane 3-alpha,17-beta-diol and 5-alpha-androstane 3-beta,17-beta-diol. Anti-estrogens are not able to hinder this conversion.”

“The researchers examined pieces of subcutaneous fat and abdominal fat from fat and thin men. They discovered that especially in subcutaneous fat there is a high level of conversion of DHT into 5-alpha-androstane-3-alpha,17-beta-diol. The enzymes that activated DHT were more active in mature fat cells [mature adipocytes] than in fat cells that had not yet reached maturity [pre adipocytes].”

Body Fat Increases Aromatase Activity

Here’s the simple formula – body fat >15% = high aromatase activity = higher estrogen = more SHBG to tie to the estrogens = higher SHBG = lower free testosterone and lower free DHT.

This study concluded that the regional distribution of fat may influence the metabolism of androgens in adipose tissue, with upper body fat tending to form a lower ratio of estrogens to 5 alpha-reduced androgens than lower body fat.

This study found that aromatase inhibitors give women more muscle mass.

This study found that aromatase inhibiting supplementation at a daily dosage of 300 mg and 600 mg for eight weeks did not completely inhibit aromatase activity, yet significantly increased FT, dihydrotestosterone, and T/E.

This study gave elderly men with low testosterone an aromatase inhibitor daily for 12 weeks and results were, total testosterone significantly increased (doubled in some), and free testosterone significantly increased as well. Estrogen decreased significantly and and LH levels increased.

A High Body Fat % Is Linked to Low Testosterone

This Japanese-American male cohort study concludes that lower baseline total testosterone independently predicts an increase in intra-abdominal fat area.

This study says – oral testosterone undecanoate treatment of type 2 diabetic men with androgen deficiency improves glucose homeostasis and body composition (decrease in visceral obesity), and improves symptoms of androgen deficiency (including erectile dysfunction).

Being Fat Increases Cortisol and Leptin

This study says – cortisol conversion to inactive metabolites may be a factor increasing central signals to secretion and may add to the increased secretion of cortisol induced by centrally acting factors. Perinatal factors have been found to be involved in the pathogenesis of obesity and its complications.

This study says – at baseline, leptin levels did not correlate with body mass index, but during substitution, the correlation was considerably improved. Hypogonadal men exhibit elevated leptin levels that are normalized by substitution with testosterone. The only determinant of leptin levels was the androgen/estrogen ratio, indicating a major influence of sex steroids on leptin production.

This study says – administration of testosterone to young men suppressed serum leptin from the pretreatment level. The study concluded that testosterone has a suppressive effect on leptin production, as reflected by circulating levels of this hormone.

Being Lean Increases Human Growth Hormone Production

This study says – growth hormone secretion is decreased in obese subjects. Obesity is associated with decreased somatotrope secretory function resulting in apparent adult growth hormone deficiency.

“BMI correlated with the peak evoked growth hormone response, and the percentage of subjects exhibiting an abnormal evoked GH response, less than 9 ng/ml, increased from 5% for those with a BMI less than 25 (normal), to 13% for those with a BMI of 25-26.9 (mildly overweight), to 33% for those with a BMI of 27-29.9 (moderately overweight), and to 64% for those with a BMI of 30 or more (obese).”

The study concluded – BMI is a major determinant of evoked adult GH response to provocative testing.

This study concludes – BMI affects the GH response to clonidine in children with short stature and should be considered when interpreting the results to the stimulation test.

This study found out that in obese subjects given a hypocaloric diet, GH accelerates body fat loss, exerts anabolic effects and improves GH secretion.

Being Lean Increases Insulin Sensitivity

As you know insulin increases 5 alpha reductase and lowers SHBG, therefore more free T, DHT, and free DHT.

This study studied 70 healthy weight-stable men with body mass index (BMI) from 20.7-94 and restudied 17 of them during diet-induced weight loss.

Fasting serum insulin levels in the weight-stable men showed a positive linear correlation with BMI, increasing 1 microU/mL per unit increase in BMI. SHBG levels in the weight-stable men showed a negative linear correlation with BMI, decreasing 0.2 nmol/L per unit increase in BMI.

The study concludes – insulin has been shown in vitro to decrease the synthesis of SHBG. Insulin controls SHBG synthesis in vivo.

This study says – dietary weight loss, with or without exercise, significantly improved insulin resistance. Older women derived as much benefit as did the younger postmenopausal women.

Being Lean Improves Your Health and Longevity

This study looked at 19 subjects who successfully lost 5% of their bodyweight.

“At this point, the researchers noted that the functioning of the participants’ insulin-secreting beta cells had improved, as had insulin sensitivity in fat, liver, and skeletal muscle tissue – lowering their risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Total body fat had decreased, and fat in the liver was reduced also.”

This study says – weight loss is the most effective way to promote liver fat removal. Weight loss is also associated with reduced liver fat, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) remission, and also reduction of fibrosis.

This next study lists some of the health benefits of weight loss…

  1. Cholesterol – decrease triglycerides by an average of 40 mg/dl
  2. Hypertension – a high body fat % accounts for about 25-30% of cases of hypertension
  3. Diabetes – a 5-10% weight-loss can decrease this marker by half a point on average
  4. Insulin resistance – modest weight-loss was found to significantly decrease insulin levels
  5. Sleep apnea – a 5-10% weight-loss may improve sleep apnea
  6. Inflammation – fat cells and especially abdominal fat cells produce a large number of substances that result in inflammation in blood vessels

Lean Is the Holy Grail

Let me recap all that for you…

  • Getting lean and staying lean ensures DHT remains in it’s strongest form.
  • Getting lean and staying lean reduces aromatase activity, therefore less estrogen in your body.
  • Getting lean and staying lean increases your DHT by keeping it in it’s strongest form and reducing aromatase activity.
  • Getting lean and staying lean increases your testosterone and decreases your SHBG, therefore more free androgens in your body.
  • Getting lean and staying lean decreases your cortisol/stress and leptin.
  • Getting lean and staying lean significantly increases your human growth hormone production.
  • Getting lean and staying lean increases your insulin sensitivity, therefore more testosterone, DHT, free testosterone, free DHT, and less SHBG.
  • Getting lean and staying lean improves your overall health and longevity. You can live longer to enjoy your androgens and you can avoid health problems such as liver problems, which skyrocket SHBG and decrease free androgens.

Lean is the holy grail, so get lean and stay lean. If you need some help, look into my custom testosterone plan and we’ll get you lean and keep you lean.

Credit due – Obesity and Testosterone: 5 Hormonal Reasons to Get Rid of that Excess Fat Mass –


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