Foods That Increase DHT

5 Greatest Foods That Increase DHT

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Not all the foods that increase testosterone are foods that increase DHT. Some of them actually work against DHT by inhibiting the 5 alpha reductase enzymes.

Some men want to increase testosterone, others realize how great dihydrotestosterone is and start going all out on it.

Don’t get it twisted though, most of dihydrotestosterone does convert from testosterone so if you’re neglecting testosterone with the intent to focus on dihydrotestosterone only then you won’t have much fuel to light on fire.

What I’d do is get a high testosterone level (700+) then fully focus on dihydrotestosterone. What you do is up to you. Realize that testosterone and dihydrotestosterone work synergistically though; increasing dihydrotestosterone will to some extent increase testosterone. These are some of the greatest foods that increase DHT.

5 Greatest Foods That Increase DHT

  1. Butter
  2. Animal organs
  3. Red meat
  4. Potatoes
  5. Sorghum

Fats – Butter

Nothing out there tops butter. Butter is ahead of the game with truck loads of points. One of the points is it tastes real great. Make that grass fed butter and it just crippled all it’s competitors.

Butter has the greatest fat profile – high saturated fat, low-medium monounsaturated fat, low polyunsaturated fat, a high saturated to polyunsaturated ratio, and a 1:1-1:2 omega profile.

Butter has a component in it that is churned from 5alpha-pregnanedionea and that component is a direct precursor to DHT. Butter is high in cholesterol as well, which is a direct precursor to testosterone.

Butter does have some myristic acid and oleic acid, but myristic acid is the least effective 5 alpha reductase inhibitor and the oleic acid amount is little.

Other than that butter has a good amount of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

Butter is the #1 choice of fats for DHT.

Get some grass fed butter here or at your local store.

Protein – Animal Organs and Red Meat

Animal organs (chicken liver, beef liver, chicken heart, …) are loaded with quantities of cholesterol, which is a direct testosterone precursor.

Just one ounce of chicken liver contains 158mg of cholesterol, and 6.8g of protein with all the essential amino acids. Aside from that an ounce of chicken liver is high in Vitamin A, niacin, choline, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin, folate, Vitamin B-12, pantothenic acid, and selenium.

Red meat such as beef is not only a great protein choice, it has some good fat content as well. The saturated:monounsaturated fat ratio isn’t 2:1 but its not bad either. The saturated:polyunsaturated fat ratio is great, beef barely has any polyunsaturated fat at all. Red meat is where you’ll be getting your zinc. There’s a decent amount of cholesterol in red meat as well.

Other than that beef is packed with niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium.

Animal organs and red meat are the #1 choices of protein for DHT.

Carbs – Potatoes and Sorghum

Potatoes are high in carbs, low in fiber, high in starch, no fats, a little amount of protein, and a good vitamin and mineral content make potatoes top notch carbs.

One large potato is packed with vitamin C, thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, pathothenic acid, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, and iodine.

Sorghum is a grain that originated in northern Africa and mainly grows in northern Africa and India. You can make bread with sorghum flour and it tastes damn well.

What does it have to do with dihydrotestosterone? Well this study found that a component in sorghum significantly increases the 5-a reductase enzymes (by 54%!!).

Other than that sorghum is rich in thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, iron, phosphorus, and potassium.

Potatoes and sorghum are the #1 choices of carbs for DHT.

That’s about it. Those are some of the greatest foods that increase DHT.

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