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Butea Superba Overdosing Experiment

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Butea Superba (Red Kwao Krua) is a herb native to Thailand, thought by locals to be an aphrodisiac (substance that increases libido). It is abundantly distributed in the Thai deciduous forest and has been popular among Thai males for its supposed effects on rejuvenation and sexual vigor.

It doesn’t have too many studies on it’s effects on testosterone, but the few studies it does have are real interesting and show promising results. Especially it’s effects on DHT.

Research on Butea Superba

This study concluded the plant preparation appears to improve the erectile function in ED patients without apparent toxicity.

This study found that orally administered Butea superba tubers have an androgenic effect on the reproductive organs of intact and ovariectomized rats, and exhibit anti-estrogenic activity on LH secretion in ovariectomized rats.

This study suggests that Butea Superba can ameliorate chronic stress-induced depression-like symptoms and that the effects of Butea Superba are mediated by restoring dysfunctions of the HPA axis and synaptic plasticity-related signaling systems and neurogenesis in the hippocampus.

This study found that this plant extract tested exhibited antiestrogenic activity.

And this study concluded that Butea Superba tuberous powder suspension at high doses in male rats exhibited adverse effects to blood chemistry, haematology, and blood testosterone level.

Butea Superba and Uncontrollable Sex Drive

Those studies are decent and all, but that’s not what got my eyes on this plant. What got my eyes is this study that looked at Butea Superba’s effects on DHT when overdosed.

This study found a case of hyperandrogenemia (excessive levels of androgens in the body) due to ingestion of Butea superbaThe patient was a Thai single male, aged 35 years, without any underlying disease.

He reported a feeling of increased sexual drive after using Butea Superba.

Laboratory investigations were performed which showed increased DHT (1512 pg/mL, reference value 250–990 pg/mL). Then one week after he stopped using the herb, the patient had no feeling of increased sexual drive and DHT had decreased to normal level.

The guy used a high dose (study doesn’t say exact number) to get way over the DHT reference range, but still impressive results.

My Experiment with Overdosing Butea Superba

First overdose – I overdosed the plant to see what would happen.

The first time I overdosed it, I took 4g of a 30:1 extract a few hours before hitting my workout.

I didn’t notice anything at first. After half an hour I was sweating a lot. I usually sweat a good amount, this time my shirt was soaked though. Then 45 minutes in my workout, I started feeling like I was going to throw up. The feeling lasted until a few minutes after my workout.

Later that day I was working and everything around me was silenced, though my focus wasn’t any better than usual.

I was getting pissed off a little faster than usual. And that’s all I noticed on my first time overdosing Butea Superba.

Second overdose – I’ll be overdosing it again sometime soon. Keep an eye on this post, I’ll update it once I overdose again.

Try a Butea Superba extract here, who knows maybe you’ll experience uncontrollable sex drive.


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    I appreciate your honesty, thanks for posting, how do you react on normal dosing instead of overdosing? this is very interesting post I encourage you to try it again and let us know what happens

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