Benefits of DHT and DHT benefits

Benefits of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

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DHT gets a lot of shit for hair loss and prostate problems. There’s not a single conclusive study on either of those though. Even if DHT has something to do with that, there are A LOT of DHT benefits and the benefits of DHT outweigh all that bullshit against DHT.

DHT – the greatest male hormone to have roamed the body. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a sex steroid and androgen hormone. The enzyme 5α-reductase synthesizes dihydrotestosterone from testosterone in the prostate, testes, hair follicles, and adrenal glands.

Unlike testosterone and some anabolic steroids, dihydrotestosterone cannot be aromatized. Dihydrotestosterone has two to three times greater androgen receptor affinity than testosterone and has 15-30 times greater affinity than adrenal androgens.

Put in simple words that everyone can understand – dihydrotestosterone is what makes a man a masculine, assertive, and dominant man. DHT is the greatest hormone for a man. Other than feeling like a million bucks, DHT benefits a man’s health and there are a lot more benefits of DHT.

DHT Benefits

DHT benefits include..

  1. Higher desire for sex, harder erections, bigger and thicker dick
  2. Body and facial hair grow more
  3. Masculine bone formation
  4. Stronger, faster, sharper
  5. DHT burns body fat
  6. Calm feeling with bursts of aggression
  7. Skyrocketed confidence, elevated mood, and improved well-being
  8. Reduced incidence of stroke
  9. Prevents intermittent claudication
  10. Lower chance of Alzheimer’s disease
  11. Reduced heart disease mortality
  12. Prevents inflammatory diseases
  13. Prevents metabolic disorders

Higher Desire for Sex, Harder Erections, Bigger and Thicker Dick

A DHT benefit is in simple words – hornier and harder

This study says – both estradiol and dihydrotestosterone contribute to the activation of mating, although estradiol is more important for copulation and dihydrotestosterone, for genital reflexes.

5α-reduced to dihydrotestosterone, were even more effective than T in restoring sexual behavior.

Castrated male rats treated with daily injections of DHT, T, E, or E+DHT, they begin to show variable amounts of sexual behavior, including occasional ejaculations.

This study found that serum dihydrotestosterone concentration was the only independent hormonal predictor of the frequency of orgasms; an increase in concentration of 1.36 nmol/l (about 2 SD) corresponded to an average increase of one orgasm a week.

This study was done to investigate the effects of dihydrotestosterone gel on general well-being, sexual function, and the prostate in aging men.

There were 120 men that participated in this randomized, placebo-controlled study (60 DHT and 60 placebo).

DHT was administered transdermally for 6 months, and the dose varied from 125-250 mg/d. General well-being symptoms and sexual function were evaluated using a questionnaire, and prostate symptoms were evaluated using the International Prostate Symptoms Score, transrectal ultrasonography, and assay of serum prostate-specific antigen.

Early morning erections improved transiently in the DHT group at 3 months of treatment, and the ability to maintain erection improved in the DHT group compared with the placebo group.

Body and Facial Hair Grow More

This study says ones of the signs and symptoms of low testosterone is sparse of body hair (thinning of body hair).

This other study says the same thing – lack of body hair and decreased facial and body hair growth is a sign of testosterone deficiency.

This study says – hair growth and size is modulated by hormones, in particular androgens like testosterone, which kick in during puberty. As men generally have higher levels of testosterone than women they tend to have more terminal hair. Testosterone also increases the size of hair follicles on men’s faces at puberty so that they begin to grow visible beards.

Masculine Bone Formation

This study says – bone mineral density increased with the highest dose of DHT relative to OVX controls and the estrogen treated group.

The periosteal bone formation rates were increased with the high dose DHT alone and combined with estrogen.

DHT treatments also increased most cancellous bone formation indices over OVX controls.

DHT increased skeletal mass by promoting bone growth and formation with concomitant increases in total body mass.

Stronger, Faster, Sharper

One of the greatest DHT benefits..

This study found that only DHT activates MAPK pathway and increases fast-twitch muscles in mice and decreases the amount of slow-twitch muscles. Fast-twitch muscles are responsible for speed, power, strength and explosiveness.

Why do you think powerlifters and fighters use DHT-based steroids?

DHT Burns Body Fat

DHT increases cyclic AMP (cAMP), which are molecules that stimulate fat burning. Therefore DHT burns body fat. This study confirms this.

Calm feeling with bursts of aggression

DHT increases adrenaline and raises GABA activity. When these two are combined, they produce a calm feeling with bursts of aggression and energy (study 1) (study 2) (study 3).

Skyrocketed Confidence, Elevated Mood, and Improved Well-Being

Another great DHT benefit is you feel like a million billion bucks.

This study done on men with hypogonadal showed that testosterone and DHT treatment led to significant decreases in anger, irritability, sadness, tiredness, and nervousness, and significant improvement in energy level, friendliness, and sense of well-being in all subjects as a group.

The patients were less nervous and more alert, friendly, and energetic during the 6-month treatment period compared with baseline.

The study concludes that testosterone replacement therapy in hypogonadal men improved their positive mood parameters, such as energy, well/good feelings, and friendliness and decreased negative mood parameters including anger, nervousness, and irritability.

This study found out that 5 alpha inhibitors, which block testosterone’s conversion to dihydrotestosterone, lead to persistent diminished libido and erectile dysfunction and depression in a subset of patients.

This study says – inhibition of 5 alpha reductase enzymes results in blockade of synthesis of several key hormones and neuro-active steroids leading to a host of adverse effects, including loss of or reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, orgasmic dysfunction, increased high Gleason grade prostate cancer, observed heart failure and cardiovascular events in clinical trials, and depression.

Considerable evidence exists from preclinical and clinical studies, which point to significant and serious adverse effects of 5α-RIs, finasteride and dutasteride, on sexual health, vascular health, psychological health and the overall quality of life.

This study suggests that finasteride might induce depressive symptoms.

Reduced Incidence of Stroke

This study says – higher plasma T or DHT is a biomarker for reduced risk of stroke but not myocardial infarction. Androgen exposure may influence outcomes after rather than the incidence of myocardial infarction, whereas androgens but not E2 are independent predictors of stroke risk.

Higher T or DHT was associated with a lower incidence of stroke.

Prevents Intermittent Claudication

This study says – lower T or DHT levels, but not E2, are associated with symptoms of intermittent claudication in older men. Reduced exposure to androgens may represent a causal factor or biomarker for symptomatic peripheral arterial disease.

Higher T was associated with reduced risk of having claudication.

Higher DHT was associated with reduced risk of having claudication as well.

Lower Chance of Alzheimer’s Disease

This study says – testosterone levels of SAMR1 and SAMP8 mice and found that the marked age-related decrease in serum androgen levels may be one of the risk factors for Alzheimer’s dementia.

The study then evaluated the interventional effect on MCI phase by dihydrotestosterone in male SAMP8 mice and found that timely and appropriate androgen intervention can postpone the onset and improve the symptoms of dementia.

Reduced Heart Disease Mortality

This is one of the DHT benefits that matters the most. You live longer because of DHT.

This study says – in older men an optimal plasma testosterone is associated with reduced all-cause mortality and higher dihydrotestosterone with reduced ischemic heart disease mortality, while estradiol levels do not predict mortality.

Prevents Inflammatory Diseases and Metabolic Disorders

This study says – steroid receptors dysregulation has been implicated in cancer, inflammatory diseases and metabolic disorders.

Dihydrotestosterone doesn’t just make you feel like a million bucks. DHT benefits a man’s health and there are a lot more benefits of DHT.

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  1. JDR

    Do you think increasing dht at the age of 22 can make bones like hands wrist and jaw grow? I have been hypothyroid since puberty and hoping I can still grow

    1. Author

      Probably not.

      I saw a study or two that said DHT positively correlated with narrow wrists and the typical ectomorph build.

  2. Todd

    Still trying to get the answer: Yes I want higher DHT for all the obvious reasons, but how to then keep your hair? Please can somebody explain this part to me. Here are some things I discovered over the years:
    1. Creatine works amazing at increasing DHT, muscles, manhood, etc. But causes massive hair loss
    2. Saw palmetto did stop the hair loss but decreased DHT and muscles etc.
    3. HELP

  3. maidana

    Hello Marcel. Must i do a PCT? Because i used one week everyday 20mg stanozolol. I noticed my penis and my testicels are smaller than before i used this thing. I think stanozolol hased not a good impact. And its mild not androgenic. The only effect wased i dryed out all the Water from my body and my joints are hurt. I cannot notice any fatburn and androgenic effect like More beard growth. I have Moore beard growth in creatin and sorghum than an stanozolol aka winstrol. Which oral steorids can i use for dht increase

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