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Dihydrotestosterone to the Apex – 50 Ways to Increase DHT Naturally

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In the times we live in so called “men” would give up their whole manhood (dihydrotestosterone aka DHT) to restore the hair on their head or make some red spots on the skin, called acne, go away. This logic doesn’t add up to me in any way, shape, or form. It just hurts my brain and makes me go “huh?”

“Here, take my manhood and my balls, my energy and motivation, my biceps and my deltoids, my assertiveness and my confidence, you can even take my self-worth, but do give me some head on my hair and make my skin look like that of a barbie’s. What a great deal I’m getting!” – average cuckold.

With all the feminization everywhere, A LOT of “men” carry a feminine mindset and attitude. Beauty and youth are feminine values. A “man” valuing beauty and youth over manhood is a cuckold.

So what is this dihydrotestosterone and what does it have to do with manhood? Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a sex steroid and androgen hormone. The enzyme 5α-reductase synthesizes DHT from testosterone in the prostate, testes, hair follicles, and adrenal glands. Unlike testosterone and some anabolic steroids, DHT cannot be aromatized. DHT has two to three times greater androgen receptor affinity than testosterone and has 15-30 times greater affinity than adrenal androgens. Put in simple words that everyone can understand – dihydrotestosterone is what makes a man a masculine, assertive, and dominant man.

After a long time of researching, experimenting, and gathering studies, I’ve put this piece of art together. This is the most complete and greatest dihydrotestosterone guide in this whole universe. Its a handbook in itself – the dihydrotestosterone manual. I found some revolutionary ways of increasing dihydrotestosterone and something that will change your whole understanding of dihydrotestosterone and it’s production. Put together is every piece of evidence I could get my hands on. This piece of art will change lives.

Revolutionary Way to Increase Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Naturally

Some terms so you can better understand this. Definitions used from Wikipedia.

Dihydrotestosterone (aka DHT, 5a-dihydrotestosterone, 5a-DHT) – a sex steroid and androgen hormone. The enzyme 5α-reductase synthesizes DHT from testosterone in the prostate, testes, hair follicles, and adrenal glands. This enzyme reduces the 4,5 double-bond of the testosterone. Relative to testosterone, DHT is much more potent as an agonist of theandrogen receptor.

5-alpha reductase (aka 5a-reductase, 5-ar, 5ar) – enzymes involved in steroid metabolism. They participate in 3 metabolic pathways: bile acid biosynthesis, androgen and estrogen metabolism, and prostate cancer. 5α-reductase is most known for converting testosterone, the male sex hormone, into the more potent dihydrotestosterone.

5α-reductase inhibitors (aka 5-ARIs) – a class of drugs with antiandrogen effects.

SRD5A1 – steroid 5-alpha-reductase catalyzes the conversion of testosterone into the more potent androgen, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). There are 2 isoforms of the enzyme: SRD5A1 and SRD5A2.

SRD5A2 – steroid 5-alpha reductase catalyzes the conversion of the male sex hormone testosterone into the more potent androgen, dihydrotestosterone. This gene encodes a microsomal protein expressed at high levels in androgen-sensitive tissues such as the prostate. The encoded protein is active at acidic pH and is sensitive to the 4-azasteroid inhibitor finasteride. Deficiencies in this gene can result in malepseudohermaphroditism, specifically pseudovaginal perineoscrotal hypospadias (PPSH).

Androstenedione – a weak androgen and an intermediate in the biosynthesis of testosterone from DHEA.

Androstanedione – a pair of isomeric steroids which differ at the 5-position. They are distinguished as 5α-androstanedione and 5β-androstanedione. In humans, 5α-androstanedione is a metabolic precursor of both testosterone and estrone.

DHEA (aka dehydroepiandrosterone) – an important endogenous steroid hormone. It is the most abundant circulating steroid hormone in humans, in whom it is produced in the adrenal glands, the gonads, and the brain, where it functions predominantly as a metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of the androgen and estrogen sex steroids.

DHT gets converted from testosterone via the 5-alpha reductase enzymes. What if I told you that’s not the only way DHT is made. That would open all kinds of new doors to increasing DHT, wouldn’t it? Well there is more than one pathway to create DHT.

5-alpha reductase has 2 isoforms of the enzyme: SRD5A1 and SRD5A2 (study).

Although the path from adrenal precursor steroids to DHT was generally thought to require 5α-reduction of testosterone, recent data suggest that it instead involves conversion from androstenedione by SRD5A1 to 5a-androstanedione, followed by subsequent conversion to DHT. The 5a-androstanedione pathway to DHT therefore bypasses testosterone entirely (study).

Over 24 hours, DHT formation from 4-dione increased gradually and was significantly higher compared to that generated from testosterone (study).

Quick recap.

SRD5A1 converts androstenedione into 5a-androstanedione which gets converted into DHT.

Here’s where it gets interesting – SRD5A1 converts faster and in larger quantities than SRD5A2. So DHT gets converted faster and in larger quantities from 5a-androstanedione than from testosterone via 5ar.

That means that increasing androstenedione will increase DHT, and probably faster and in larger quantities. Now the question is how to increase androstenedione so it can convert into 5a-androstanedione via the SRD5A isoenzyme-1 (SRD5A1), which then leads to faster and larger quantities of DHT production.

Androstenedione is produced by the adrenal glands and gonads from dehyroepiandrosterone (DHEA). So increasing DHEA will increase DHEA to androstenedione conversion, androstenedione will convert into 5a-androstanedione via SRD5A1, which converts into DHT in faster and larger quantities than DHT conversion from testosterone via 5ar (study).

I’ll simplify this to the simplest. Increase DHEA > increases DHEA to androstenedione conversion > androstenedione converts into 5a-androstanedione via SRD5A1 > 5a-androstanedione converts to DHT faster and in larger quantities > more DHT in your blood, delivered faster.

You can also increase androstenedione and that will skip the first 2 stages. So it’d look like this. Increase androstenedione > androstenedione converts into 5a-androstanedione via SRD5A1 > 5a-androstanedione converts to DHT faster and in larger quantities > more DHT in your blood, delivered faster.

What about estrogen? Won’t DHEA and androstenedione convert into estrogen? Yeah some of it will, just like some of testosterone converts into estrogen. You’re getting a bigger bang for the buck in terms of DHT production with DHEA and androstenedione than testosterone though, since the isoform SRD5A1 of 5ar, which converts androstenedione into 5a-androstanedione, which then converts into DHT faster and in larger quantities than DHT conversion from testosterone via 5ar.

So increasing DHEA levels and androstenedione will increase DHT just as 5ar increases DHT, if not more. I’ll show you some ways to increase DHEA levels and androstenedione, some ways to increase 5ar and DHT, and some stuff to stay away from that decrease DHT.

50 Ways to Increase Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Naturally

  1. DHT Manual
  2. DHT increases alongside with testosterone
  3. DHT only produces optimally in a lean body
  4. NEVER use a hair restoration product
  5. Short super intense resistance workouts
  6. Sprint
  7. Your side of the mountain
  8. Monk up
  9. Keep estrogen levels in check
  10. Intermittent fasting increases DHT
  11. Ground cinnamon increases insulin sensitivity, therefore increasing DHT
  12. Keep your lungs in check by staying active
  13. Drink your coffee
  14. Eat quality fats and carbs
  15. Limit avocados, coconut oil, and olive oil
  16. Limit guavas, watermelon, tomatoes, and papaya
  17. Avoid L-lysine
  18. Avoid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), gamma linolenic acid (GLA), and polyunsaturated fat
  19. Avoid bran
  20. Avoid DIM in high doses
  21. Avoid zinc in high doses
  22. Drop all tea
  23. Drop the spices
  24. Drop the nuts
  25. Stay away from green tea
  26. Stay away from azelaic acid
  27. Stay away from pumpkin seeds
  28. Stay away from saw palmetto
  29. Stay away from Cacumen platycladi
  30. Stay away from giant dodder
  31. Stay away from rosemary
  32. Stay away from pesticides
  33. Stay away from mint and peppermint
  34. Stay away from fenugreek
  35. Stay away from safflower
  36. Stay away from reishi
  37. Stay away from soy
  38. Stay away from BPA
  39. Stay away from black pepper leaf extract
  40. Stay away from alcohol
  41. Eggs, meat, and fish have androstenedione
  42. Pine pollen
  43. Magnesium oil
  44. Fix zinc deficiency
  45. Sorghum works
  46. Creatine assures increased DHT
  47. Cortigon
  48. Butea Superba has potential
  49. Tongkat Ali
  50. Ashwagandha is not only a stress reliever

DHT Manual

The DHT Manual is the world’s FIRST and GREATEST DHT program.

There’s not a single program out there on increasing DHT naturally. When a new program on increasing DHT naturally will come out it will just be a spin-off of this program.

That’s because the DHT Manual has everything there is out there. I ensured this myself by going through every single DHT study and experiment out there. This is the most complete program on increasing DHT naturally. Unless some revolutionary new research with actionable steps comes out (it won’t for at least the next 50 years) then this will remain the most complete and greatest program.

I’m not good at writing the type of stuff that’ll play with your head and get you to invest in this program, so I’ll just tell you directly without any fluff or marketing tactics – I put everything into this program and this is the world’s greatest DHT program. You have my word on that – if the DHT Manual is not great just tell me and I’ll refund you 100% of your money.

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DHT Increases Alongside with Testosterone

Dihydrotestosterone is made from testosterone by the 5-alpha reductase enzymes. The more testosterone you have, the more that can be converted into dihydrotestosterone, so that’s why you want to optimize testosterone in general. The way you do that is by optimizing the 3 biggest impacts on your testosterone – REM sleep, eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones, and training without overtraining.

DHT Only Produces Optimally in a Lean Body

A fat man and dihydrotestosterone don’t click. As a rule of thumb, the fatter you are, the less dihydrotestosterone your body can produce. That’s because body fat induces aromatase activity (estrogen synthase). Aromatase is an enzyme responsible for a key step in the biosynthesis of estrogens. Aromatase is responsible for the aromatization of androgens into estrogens. Let me put it in layman’s terms for you. Aromatase is the enzyme that takes your testosterone and other androgens and turns them into estrogens. What a shitty enzyme huh?

This study concluded that the regional distribution of fat may influence the metabolism of androgens in adipose tissue, with upper body fat tending to form a lower ratio of estrogens to 5 alpha-reduced androgens than lower body fat.

This study found that aromatase inhibitors give women more muscle mass.

This study found that aromatase inhibiting supplementation at a daily dosage of 300 mg and 600 mg for eight weeks did not completely inhibit aromatase activity, yet significantly increased FT, dihydrotestosterone, and T/E.

This study gave elderly men with low testosterone an aromatase inhibitor daily for 12 weeks and results were, total testosterone significantly increased (doubled in some), and free testosterone significantly increased as well. Estrogen decreased significantly and and LH levels increased.

As you can see blocking aromatase enzyme activity is real great for increasing testosterone and most importantly increasing dihydrotestosterone. The greatest way to block aromatase enzyme activity is to lose the damn fat. Get lean and stay lean. Do whatever it takes to reach 10% body fat or lower. This is the greatest thing you can do for your anabolic hormones, androgens, and manhood. Start doing intermittent fasting for 24 hours twice a week until you reach 10% body fat. I’ve written the greatest intermittent fasting post, see it here.

NEVER Use a Hair Restoration Product

Whatever you do, stay away from hair restoration products since they use drugs that inhibit 5-alpha reductase activity and completely block dihydrotestosterone production. Would you rather be a bald badass or a cuckold with a full head of hair?

This study says – administration of FK143 in the range of 0.1 to 20 mg/kg, was able to decrease DHT levels. DHT levels in the prostate decreased to about 40% of control value, after which despite the rapid decline of blood FK143 concentration, slowly recovered according to the elimination rate of FK143 in the prostate.

This study concluded – finasteride is a potent, mechanism-based inhibitor with selectivity for both human and rhesus type 2 5 alpha R.

This study says – administration of finasteride, 5 mg/day alters the serum levels of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, FSH, and LH significantly. Finasteride also causes sexual dysfunction in a substantial number of patients and should be offered with caution to patients who have an active sexual life.

This study says – finasteride, a 5-α-reductase inhibitor, dramatically suppresses the production of dihydrotestosterone in men.

This study says – dose-dependent suppression of sebum DHT by a 5alphaR1 inhibitor suggests the potential utility of such compounds in the treatment of acne.

This study even concluded that 5-alpha reductase inhibitors (5-ARIs) may increase the risk of a more serious form of prostate cancer.

Short Super Intense Resistance Workouts

Everyone knows resistance training and HIIT increase testosterone and human growth hormone, most people don’t know that it skyrockets dihydrotestosterone though.

The way you want to train is short, intense as hell, and use a lot of muscles. 3 stellar examples of this are short sprints, weighted high jump squats, and muscle ups.

This study found that 5α-reductase expressions were significantly restored by resistance training. The study concluded – progressive resistance training restores age-related declines in sex steroidogenic enzyme and muscle sex steroid hormone levels in older men.

This study concludes that testosterone increased in response to high-intensity cycling and resistance exercise.

This study found that short-term strength training elevates anabolic hormones.

A few more studies concluding the same thing – (study 1) (study 2) (study 3) (study 4).

Body of a Spartan has a great training program on this.


Look at a marathon runner’s body and a sprinter’s body. You hear that all the time and that’s because its the truth.

In this study 14 healthy active young men performed a bout of repeat sprint cycle exercise. Blood samples were collected pre-exercise and 5 and 60 min after exercise. The data demonstrates that DHT is acutely elevated following sprint cycle exercise and that this response is influenced by cycling cadence.

This study suggests – high-intensity interval exercise might produce a more pronounced turnover of free testosterone by androgen sensitive tissue than the steady-state endurance exercise form of exercise.

Then this study says – in endurance athletes, serum sex steroid hormone concentrations, especially serum DHEA and 5α-dihydrotestosterone concentrations, increased only with high-intensity exercise.

Your Side of the Mountain

There’s this old movie called “My Side of the Mountain”, its about a kid that goes to live in the wild near a mountain. The kid says he’s happier this way. I believe the kid. Being in a forest is as de-stressing as it gets. Then comes some evidence that backs up this kid’s claim.

This study found that 2 hours of walking in a forest was able to significantly increased serum adiponectin and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S) levels. Habitual walking in forest environments may lower blood pressure by reducing sympathetic nerve activity and have beneficial effects on blood adiponectin and DHEA-S levels, and habitual walking exercise may have beneficial effects on blood NT-proBNP levels.

This Japanese study was conducted in 24 forests across Japan. 12 subjects walked in and viewed a forest or a city area. On the first day, six subjects were sent to a forest area, and the others to a city area. On the second day, each group was sent to the other area as a cross-check. The results show that forest environments promote lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, greater parasympathetic nerve activity, and lower sympathetic nerve activity than do city environments.

Then this study concluded – spending time around trees and looking at trees reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and improves mood. The study goes on to say – researchers found that forest bathing trips significantly decreased the scores for anxiety, depression, anger, confusion and fatigue. And because stress inhibits the immune system, the stress-reduction benefits of forests are further magnified.

Monk Up

Meditation decreases cortisol and stress and increases testosterone and DHEA.

This study looked at meditation’s effects on DHEA. What they found is the mean DHEA-S levels in the group that practiced meditation were higher. The type of meditation they did in the study is called transcendental meditation.

This study‘s results – a brief relaxation exercise led to experimental subjects having significantly lower levels of post-intervention heart rate, state anxiety, perceived stress, and salivary cortisol than control subjects, as well as increased levels of self-report levels of relaxation.

This study says – overall, the cortisol and testosterone results appear to support previous data suggesting that repeated practice of the transcendental meditation technique reverses effects of chronic stress significant for health.

Keep Estrogen Levels in Check

Estrogen and DHT don’t click at all. When one increases, the other decreases. So decreasing your estrogen levels will increase DHT, and increasing your DHT will decrease estrogen levels. Estrogen increases alongside with testosterone as well, but in small quantities. Its the body’s natural homeostasis mechanism. Just make sure your estrogen is within the reference range on your blood results. The ideal estrogen level would be 15-30 though.

DHT is used to treat gyno aka man boobs (caused by high estrogen levels) so that should tell you something (study 1) (study 2).

Here’s my recent estrogen, FSH, and LH blood results.

How to increase dht naturally how to increase dihydrotestosterone naturally

Intermittent Fasting Increases DHT

Insulin increases the expression of 5α-reductase type 1 mRNA via Akt signalling (study).

This study says – recent experimental studies have elucidated some of the metabolic mechanisms involved with IF. Animal models have shown positive changes in glucose (lower plasma glucose and insulin levels) and in lipid metabolism (reduced visceral fat tissue and increased plasma adiponectin level), and an increased resistance to stress.

Intermittent fasting = increased insulin sensitivity. Insulin = increases the expression of 5a-reductase type 1 mRNA = increased 5-alpha reductase activity = more DHT production.

On top of that, intermittent fasting shreds body fat like its nothing. I’ve reached a 6-7% body fat with intermittent fasting before. As you know, a lower body fat % = more DHT.

Intermittent fasting is well known to increase testosterone and have millions of health benefits, but I don’t think many people know how great it is for the mighty DHT.

I have the greatest post on intermittent fasting here.

Ground Cinnamon Increases Insulin Sensitivity, Therefore Increasing DHT

Insulin increases the expression of 5α-reductase type 1 mRNA via Akt signalling (study).

This study says – in healthy normal-weight adults, cinnamon reduces blood glucose concentration and enhances insulin sensitivity.

This study showed that cinnamon powder (Cinnamomum cassia), taken over a 40-day period, reduced mean fasting serum glucose (18–29%), triglyceride (23–30%), LDL cholesterol (7–27%), and total cholesterol (12–26%) levels.

This study concluded – chromium and polyphenols from cinnamon improve insulin sensitivity.

Keep Your Lungs in Check by Staying Active

This study says – Both T and DHT were independently associated with higher forced expiratory volume in 1 s and forced vital capacity in predominantly middle-aged community-dwelling men. Androgens may contribute to, or be biomarkers for, better lung function in men.

This study found that one hour of woodcutting increased testosterone by 46.8% in Tsimane forager-farmers. That’s a greater increase than you’d get from an hour of resistance training.

This study shows – long-term exercise decreased RT and increased VO2max, testosterone, and GH in elderly males.

This study concluded – physically active subjects seem to have a more anabolic hormonal environment and a healthier semen production.

This study found – running on a treadmill for 30 minutes, 5 times a week increased dihydrotestosterone levels in skeletal muscle of male rats.

Resistance training, woodcutting, and sprinting are superior to jogging but I put that study there to show you that any physical activity increases testosterone, DHT, and GH.

Drink Your Coffee

Caffeine inhibits cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) breakdown. Higher cAMP levels in cells increase testosterone levels. So this makes caffeine pro testosterone. Caffeine increases cortisol as well, more than it increases testosterone. However somehow that increase in cortisol doesn’t affect testosterone, studies found that it actually increases it.

This study found that caffeine increases 5-alpha reductase activity.

This study shows that caffeine intake increased the concentrations of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, organ weight, epithelial cell proliferation and androgen receptor tissue expression in the ventral prostatic lobe.

Eat Quality Fats and Carbs

Quality carbs are starches like potatoes, white rice, buckwheat, and sorghum.

This study found that a low carbohydrate, high protein diet suppresses intratumoral androgen synthesis. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) concentration with the Low Carb diet was 58% that of the castration resistant prostate cancer bearing mice on the Western diet.

This study suggests if the free testosterone to cortisol ratio is utilized as a marker of training stress or imbalance it is necessary for a moderately high diet of dietary carbohydrate consumed to maintain validity of any observed changes in the ratio value.

This study found that testosterone concentrations in seven normal men were consistently higher after ten days on a high carbohydrate diet than during a high protein diet.

Carbs get a lot of hate, but as you can see they’re essential for testosterone, free testosterone, and dihydrotestosterone.

Just like carbs, fats are essential for testosterone, free testosterone, and dihydrotestosterone production. Not all fats though. Polyunsaturated fats and trans fats are known to lower testosterone levels.

Sources of great fats include eggs, animal meat, animal organs, avocados, coconut oil, and butter.

This study found that a high fat, low fiber diet resulted in 13% higher testosterone and 12-28% lower estrogen.

This study found that the higher the saturated and monounsaturated to other fats ratio, the higher the testosterone levels and vice versa.

Then this study found that vegetarians have less testosterone on average then non-vegetarians. Vegetarians don’t eat a lot of saturated and monounsaturated fats, instead they eat a lot of polyunsaturated fats found in plant based food.

Limit Avocados, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil

Limit them because of a component found in them called beta sitosterol competes for cholesterol, leaving less cholesterol in your system that can be made into testosterone.

This study concludes that beta-sitosterol, found in avocados, coconut oil, and olive oil, is effective at inhibiting 5-alpha reductase.

This study concludes that beta sitosterol is effective at inhibiting the 5-alpha reductase enzymes as well.

Limit Guavas, Watermelon, Tomatoes, and Papaya

Guavas, watermelon, tomatoes, and papaya all have a component called lycopene, and are among the foods containing the highest amount of lycopene.

This study found out that lycopene inhibits DHT naturally by down regulating or inhibiting 5 alpha reductase.

This study says – lycopene consumption inhibits IGF-I and androgen signaling in rat prostate cancer. In this study, lycopene, in dietary concentrations, reversed DHT effects of 6S cells on NPE cell death, decreased 6S cell IGF-I production by reducing AR and beta-catenin nuclear localization and inhibited IGF-I-stimulated NPE and PREC growth.

This study says – lycopene interfered with local androgen activation by down-regulating 5-alpha-reductase, the key enzyme for the transformation of testosterone to its most active form dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As a consequence, the expression of androgen-regulated target genes was also reduced.

This study found the same thing – lycopene inhibits IGF-1 and androgens.

In this study sham-operated rats provided with either phytofluene, lycopene, or tomato powder had ∼40–50% lower serum testosterone concentrations than the sham-operated, control-fed group. Modest changes in mRNA expression of steroidogenic enzymes with short-term carotenoid intake may alter the flux of androgen synthesis to less potent compounds.

There’s 2 more studies that conclude pretty much the same thing (study 1) (study 2).

Avoid L-Lysine

This study says – since propecia is a DHT inhibitor, the addition of a L-Lysine supplement can make these products also more effective. Studies has shown that L-Lysine combined with a DHT inhibitor can promote hair growth in people suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

This study notes an improvement of specificity of anti-testosterone (T) and anti-5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) rabbit antibodies by immunotolerance techniques.

So foods to avoid packed with L-lysine are almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and pecans.

Avoid Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), and Polyunsaturated Fat

You pretty much want to avoid ALL polyunsaturated fats and fatty acids for maximal dihydrotestosterone. Nothing good comes from polyunsaturated fats. Most nuts and a good amount of fish are the richest sources of polyunsaturated that you want to avoid or limit greatly.

This study found that dihydrotestosterone is suppressed by 15-lipoxygenase metabolites of gamma-linolenic and eicosapentaenoic acids.

This study‘s results are – gamma-linolenic acid, but not the corresponding saturated fatty acid (stearic acid), inhibited the 5 alpha-reductase activity, but not the 17 beta-dehydrogenase activity, of human prostate cancer cells in culture.

This study talks about all the specific fatty acids that inhibit 5ar. GLA is the most potent one.

Stay away from plant seed oils, blackcurrant, hemp oil, spirulina, and borage oil as those are all loaded with quantities of GLA (study).

This study confirms – GLA beats EPA in 5 alpha-reductase inhibition.

Avoid Bran

The most common bran source is brown rice. White rice is good, brown rice ain’t good.

This study says – O. sativa bran crude extract gave the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids and 5α-reductase (type 1) inhibition activity (5AR). Its linoleic acid (LN) and total unsaturated fatty acid (TUC) contents were significantly positive and linear correlated to 5AR. Its total phenolic contents and all biological activities also showed positive correlations to 5AR. The study concluded – O. sativa bran crude extract prepared by scCO2 to be developed as anti-androgenic alopecia products.

Avoid DIM in High Doses

DIM is great for lowering estrogen in men. There’s a downside to DIM though. It is anti-androgenic in higher quantities. DIM is found in cruciferous vegetables – cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower…

This study found some interesting things. DIM exhibits potent antiproliferative and antiandrogenic properties in androgen-dependent human prostate cancer cells. DIM suppresses cell proliferation of LNCaP cells and inhibits dihydrotestosterone (DHT) stimulation of DNA synthesis.

Moreover, DIM inhibited endogenous PSA transcription and reduced intracellular and secreted PSA protein levels induced by DHT in LNCaP cells. Also, DIM inhibited, in a concentration-dependent manner, the DHT-induced expression of a prostate-specific antigen promoter-regulated reporter gene construct in transiently transfected LNCaP cells.

Then there’s this study that confirms that – DIM has been found to inhibit 5 alpha reductase activity to varying degrees.

Don’t avoid DIM completely though. This study and many more found that DIM increased the 2-hydroxylation of estrogen urinary metabolites. Meaning it makes estrogen leave the body faster, leaving less bioavailability of the estrogen.

Avoid Zinc in High Doses

Zinc is slick. In high doses it inhibits 5ar but in low-moderate doses it increases 5ar enzymes. And being deficient in zinc messes up your 5ar.

This study says – when added at concentrations of 3 or 9 mmol/l (3 mnol/l = 54mg), zinc was a potent inhibitor of 5 alpha-reductase activity. At high concentrations, zinc could completely inhibit the enzyme activity.

This study shows that when zinc is added at low concentrations the 5 alpha-reduction of testosterone is increased but at higher cation concentrations the metabolism is significantly inhibited.

So to reap the increased 5ar benefits of zinc, take it in 10-30mg a day. Don’t go over 50mg because that’s when the 5ar inhibiting effects start.

Drop All Tea

Tea is way over-hyped and other than some herbal teas, tea is shit. Especially for dihydrotestosterone.

This study on animals found that green tea catechins have 5ar inhibiting effects. The study says exactly this – green tea catechins are 5alpha-reductase inhibitors and inhibited flank organ growth. However, (-)-epicatechin and (-)-epigallocatechin, which are not 5alpha-reductase inhibitors, also inhibited flank organ growth.(-)-epigallo-catechin-3-gallate also inhibited DHT-dependent growth of flank organs.

In another animal study, theaflavins found in black tea lowered DHT levels by 72% and 5ar levels by 89%. Theaflavin-3,3′-digallate and penta-O-galloyl-beta-D-glucose inhibit rat liver microsomal 5alpha-reductase activity. They significantly reduced androgen-responsive LNCaP prostate cancer cell growth, suppressed expression of the AR and lowered androgen-induced prostate-specific antigen secretion and fatty acid synthase protein level.

This study confirms – green tea contains potential DHT-blocking nutrients. Within tea leaves are two compounds, epicatechin-3-gallate, and epigallo-catechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which have been shown to inhibit 5 alpha-reductase activity.

Drop the Spices

A lot of spices have shown 5ar and dihydrotestosterone inhibiting effects. Not a big deal since spices aren’t used in huge quantities, but if you want maximal dihydrotestosterone you’re going to want to drop the spices or limit them.

This study says curcumin has been shown to specifically inhibit 5 alpha reductase type 2.

This study says – natural compounds, including alizarin and curcumin, are 5alpha-reductase inhibitors and inhibited flank organ growth.

Then these 2 studies say the same thing (study 1) (study 2).

Drop the Nuts

Most nuts have a good amount of phytosterols (basically the plant version of cholesterol). We’re going to be focusing on phytosterols’ effect on DHT.

This study concluded fatty acids and phytosterols in saw palmetto extract has an anti-androgenic effect.

This study says – limited evidence from animal studies suggests that very high phytosterol intakes can alter testosterone metabolism by inhibiting 5α-reductase.

This study‘s results – feeding 2% phytosterols with 0.2% cholic acid to rats for 22 days resulted in a 33% reduction in serum testosterone compared with controls, which received only 0.2% cholic acid in the diet. 5-α-Reductase was reduced by 41 to 44% and 33% in the liver and prostate, respectively.

This study concluded – the consumption of phytosterols is linked to low concentrations of androstenedione.

Remember, androstenedione converts to 5a-androstanedione, which then into the mighty DHT. So we want androstenedione. After seeing these studies, you can see that nuts have no place in increasing DHT.

Stay Away from Green Tea

Most teas are shit. Green tea is the shit – #1 shittiest tea.

This study on animals found that green tea catechins have 5ar inhibiting effects. The study says exactly this – green tea catechins are 5alpha-reductase inhibitors and inhibited flank organ growth. However, (-)-epicatechin and (-)-epigallocatechin, which are not 5alpha-reductase inhibitors, also inhibited flank organ growth.(-)-epigallo-catechin-3-gallate also inhibited DHT-dependent growth of flank organs.

This study confirms – green tea contains potential DHT-blocking nutrients. Within tea leaves are two compounds, epicatechin-3-gallate, and epigallo-catechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which have been shown to inhibit 5 alpha-reductase activity.

Stay Away from Azelaic Acid

Azalaic acid is an acid that is naturally found in wheat, barley, and rye. Just any kind of bread has this acid.

This study says – azelaic acid was also a potent inhibitor of 5 alpha-reductase; inhibition was detectable at concentrations as low as 0.2 mmol/l and was complete at 3 mmol/l. Azalaic acid, a high dose of zinc, and vitamin B6 when added together at very low concentrations, 90% inhibition of 5 alpha-reductase activity was obtained.

Stay Away from Pumpkin Seeds

This study says – although the action mechanism is still unclear, previous animal studies have suggested that PSO may inhibit 5α-reductase.

This study confirms – pumpkin seed oil (PSO) has been shown to block the action of 5-alpha reductase and to have antiandrogenic effects on rats. Mean hair count increases of 40% were observed in PSO-treated men at 24 weeks.

Stay Away from Saw Palmetto

Everyone that has even a slight interest in increasing DHT knows that saw palmetto is something to stay far away from, real far away.

This study demonstrated that by blocking the conversion of T to DHT, with either pharmaceuticals or natural compounds, the circulating level of DHT is reduced by 80%, the size of the prostate gland is reduced by about 20% and the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) drops by about 50%.

This study‘s results show astaxanthin, a component in saw palmetto, demonstrated 98% inhibition of 5alpha-reductase at 300 microg/mL in vitro.

This study confirms – the lipophilic extract from saw palmetto berries inhibits the binding of DHT.

This study says – saw palmetto’s primary therapeutic action is to inhibit 5-alpha reductase in forming DHT and to a lesser extent, 3-alpha reductase, and to block the action of DHT to receptors on prostate cells via 3-ketosteroid reductase.

Saw palmetto is a piece of shit herb. Nothing else to say about it.

Stay Away from Cacumen Platycladi

Cacumen platycladi is the Chinese saw palmetto. Not too many studies on it since its new, but this herb will hit headlines as a hair restoration product soon.

This study found that cacumen platycladi showed strong 5αR inhibitory activity. cacumen platyclai possesses high hair growth promoting activity in the in vivo androgen-sensitive mouse model via inhibiting the 5αR activity, decreasing the DHT levels and in turn suppressing the expression of 5αR.

Stay Away from Giant Dodder

The name “giant dodder” makes me picture a huge baby. A huge baby with low DHT.

This study says – the most common herbs used to inhibit DHT production are green tea, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, and giant dodder. Giant Dodder is an herb that had been used in the ancient Indian system Ayurveda to fight hair loss. Giant Dodder contains anti-androgen properties. It was found Giant Dodder contains compounds that are able to inhibit 5-alpha-reductase type II.

Stay Away from Rosemary

Roses are red, violets are blue, rosemary lowers DHT, so stay far away from that too.

This study says – in test tube studies, the rosemary extract inhibited the activity of 5-alpha reductase up to 94.6%.

This study found out that some compounds found in rosemary showed potent inhibitory activity towards 5α-dihydrotestosterone.

Then this study concludes all that. In this study rosemary showed inhibitory activity of 82.4% and 94.6% at 200 and 500 µg/mL, respectively. As an active constituent of 5α-reductase inhibition, 12-methoxycarnosic acid was identified with activity-guided fractionation. In addition, the extract of R. officinalis and 12-methoxycarnosic acid inhibited androgen-dependent proliferation of LNCaP cells as 64.5% and 66.7% at 5 µg/mL and 5 μM, respectively.

Stay Away from Pesticides

You can’t avoid pesticides completely and you shouldn’t try. Its a waste of effort with no results. Pesticides are EVERYWHERE. Get that in your head and just forget about it. That being said don’t be stupid about pesticides and swim in them, avoid the easiest ones to avoid.

This study says – dihydrotestosterone appears to be one of the sensitive targets for endocrine disruption. Then the study looked at a few pesticides and their effect on dihydrotestosterone. What the study concluded is that many pesticides inhibit the 5-alpha reductase, some more than others.

This study says – TA repeats are associated with lower enzymatic activity and lower DHT levels as reported among Caucasians.

Then this study says – all pesticides except atrazine decreased DHT-stimulated PSA secretion, AR nuclear accumulation, and AR phosphorylation on serines 81 and 213 in LNCaP cells. In conclusion, pesticides may exert antiandrogenic effects through several mechanisms that are cell type-specific.

Stay Away from Mint and Peppermint

This study concludes that spearmint tea is anti-androgenic.

This study done on women who drank spearmint tea found that after 30 days of drinking spearmint tea, total testosterone and free testosterone reduced significantly.

Stay Away from Fenugreek

This study found out that fenugreek increased testosterone and bioavailable testosterone, but not DHT.

Then this study shows – 45 resistance trained males consuming 500mg fenugreek extract experienced a decrease in DHT with no significant affect on bioavailable testosterone or other measured hormones.

This next study found something similar. Supplementation of fenugreek extract resulted in a 9.42% decrease in serum dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels in comparison to placebo. Other anabolic and metabolic hormone analyses were not affected by supplementation.

So fenugreek might increase testosterone, but that increase comes from inhibiting the testosterone to dihydrotestosterone conversion.

Stay Away from Safflower

This study says safflower could be used as new potential therapeutic candidate for the treatment of androgen-related diseases.

This study says – safflower is the most potent 5α-reductase inhibitor and hair growth promoter followed by Phyllanthus emblica.

Safflower has a good amount of linoleic acid as well. And as you know, linoleic acid is a 5ar inhibitor.

Stay Away from Reishi

Reishi is a mushroom thought to have many health benefits. There’s a big downside though.

This study says – in a research study exploring the anti-androgenic effects of 20 species of mushrooms, reishi mushrooms had the strongest action in inhibiting testosterone. Reishi mushrooms significantly reduced levels of 5-alpha reductase, preventing conversion of testosterone into the more potent DHT.

This next study confirms that – reishi showed the strongest 5-reductase inhibitory activity. The treatment of the fruit body of reishi or the extract prepared from it significantly inhibited the testosterone-induced growth of the ventral prostate in castrated rats.

Stay Away from Soy

This is nothing new and I’m sure everyone knows soy is a pile of shit, but I’ll list it anyway because a lot of people consume soy without even knowing it. Read the ingredients label on every product in your house and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

This study found out that soy and other phytoestrogens act as 5-a inhibitors.

This study found out that isoflavones (genistein, daidzein and glyciteinin) in soy are the worst offenders of DHT.

Then this study concluded – soy protein, regardless of isoflavone content, decreased DHT and DHT/testosterone with minor effects on other hormones.

Stay Away from BPA

The easiest way to avoid A LOT of BPA in your life is to get yourself a stainless steel water bottle and drink out of that.

This study says – The endocrine disruptor bisphenol A (BPA) alters sexual organs, including the prostate. Our previous findings indicated that BPA decreased the expression of 5α-R1 and 5α-R2 in rat prostate but also circulating T.

The study’s results indicated that in castrated rats treated with T BPA at the two doses studied significantly decreased the mRNA levels of both 5α-R isozymes in a dose-dependent manner.

This study found – analyses showed lower mRNA and protein levels of 5α-R1 and 5α-R2 in BPA-treated groups versus controls but higher mRNA levels of 5α-R3, recently proposed as a biomarker of malignancy. BPA-treated rats also evidenced a higher plasma estradiol/testosterone ratio.

Stay Away from Black Pepper Leaf Extract

This study found – P. nigrum leaf extract showed in vivo anti-androgenic activity using the hair regrowth assay in testosterone sensitive male.

Stay Away from Alcohol

Ethanol is the principal type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages, produced by the fermentation of sugars by yeasts.

This study found – ethanol increased DHT conversion to 3 beta – and 3 alpha-diol, in direct relation to the dose of ethanol added. The study concluded that ethanol may decrease the availability of the proposed active androgen.

This study says that ethanol reduced androgen receptors, serum LH and testosterone, resulting in impairment of the androgen-induced sexual events and a suppression of the pituitary gonadotropin secretion.

This study says – ethanol treatment significantly reduced the epididymal tissue/sperm carnitine, acetyl carnitine, GPC, and sialic acid.

All these changes were reverted back to normalcy after withdrawal of ethanol treatment, indicating the transient effects of ethanol. In conclusion, it is evident that ethanol has an adverse effect on sperm maturation, which may be affected due to the decrease in serum/epididymal testosterone and DHT levels.

Eggs, Meat, and Fish Have Androstenedione

Remember this blueprint from earlier in the post? Increase androstenedione > androstenedione converts into 5a-androstanedione via SRD5A1 > 5a-androstanedione converts to DHT faster and in larger quantities > more DHT in your blood, delivered faster.

One way to increase androstenedione is to simply eat more eggs and meat. Fish have androstenedione as well but I’d eat more eggs and meat than fish because fish in general have a lot of fatty acids that have inhibitory effects on the 5ar.

Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is the only natural supplement/herb that has actual androstenedione and other androgens in it.

Examine says pine pollen contains Vitamin D3 at 200ng/g (8 IU per gram) while the active hormone 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D is at 10-300ng, Testosterone (80ng/g), epitestosterone (110ng/g), and androstenedione (590ng/g).

These 2 studies confirm this (study 1) (study 2).

Now the availability of these androgens in pine pollen is not known. 590ng/g of androstenedione is a good amount though. Even if a fraction of that is available for the body to use, that would equal in a lot of DHT production from 5a-androstanedione.

This study says – pine pollen is an attractive agent with potential to reduce aging and attenuate age-related diseases in humans.

This study says pine pollen has some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity in the body.

Note: The highest quality and biggest bang for your buck pine pollen product can be found here.

Magnesium oil

Magnesium oil absorbs from the skin and metabolizes naturally into DHEA. DHEA is converted into androstenedione (study).

Other than increasing DHT, magnesium is great for increasing free testosterone (bioavailable testosterone).

This study concluded that supplementation with magnesium increases free and total testosterone levels in sedentary men and in athletes. The increases are higher in those who exercise than in sedentary individuals.

This study found that magnesium inhibits SHBG, therefore making more testosterone bioavailable.

This next study found out that in older men, higher serum magnesium levels correlate with higher testosterone levels and other anabolic hormones.

Get yourself some magnesium oil, rub it on your legs an hour before sleep, and sleep like a lion.

Fix Zinc Deficiency

This study found that there was a significantly higher level of estrogen receptor in zinc-deficient rats and a significantly lower level of androgen binding sites in rats fed the zinc-deficient diet. There were no differences in hepatic androgen and estrogen receptor levels between freely fed and pair-fed controls.

Sorghum Works

Sorghum is a grain that mainly grows in India. You can make bread with sorghum flour and it tastes damn well. What does it have to do with dihydrotestosterone? Well this study found that sorghum significantly increases the 5-a reductase enzymes (by 54%!!).

Creatine Assures Increased DHT

Bodybuilding supplements are shit. They’re filled with cheap chemicals to fill up more quantity. That being said, creatine is the exception here. Creatine is pure, it doesn’t have any other ingredients other than creatine itself. Its the most evidence based supplement out on the market, there’s hundreds of studies on it. On top of that, its got a great price (~$15) for a couple of month’s supply.

What got my attention though is creatine increases dihydrotestosterone by 56%. That’s a big increase to your dihydrotestosterone right there. Other than getting to 7-10% body fat and optimizing testosterone in general, not many things will you get you an increase like that.

This well known study done on college rugby players concluded that 3 weeks of creatine supplementation had some great results on dihydrotestosterone (DHT). After 7 days of creatine loading, or a further 14 days of creatine maintenance dose, serum T levels did not change. However, levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) increased by 56% after 7 days of creatine loading and remained 40% above baseline after 14 days maintenance. The ratio of DHT:T also increased by 36% after 7 days creatine supplementation and remained elevated by 22% after the maintenance dose.

This study concluded creatine supplementation during training has been reported to promote significantly greater gains in strength, fat free mass, and performance primarily of high intensity exercise tasks. Although not all studies report significant results, the preponderance of scientific evidence indicates that creatine supplementation appears to be a generally effective nutritional ergogenic aid for a variety of exercise tasks in a number of athletic and clinical populations.

This study concluded transdermal administration of DHT improves sexual function and may be a useful alternative for androgen replacement. As estrogens are thought to play a role in the pathogenesis of prostate hyperplasia, DHT may be beneficial, compared with aromatizing androgens, in the treatment of aging men.

This study concluded that creatine supplementation during resistance training is more effective at increasing muscle strength and weightlifting performance than resistance training alone.

There are hundreds of studies on creatine, to list a few more. (study 1) (study 2) (study 3) (study 4) (study 5) (study 6) (study 7).

Creatine isn’t a hyped up bullshit supplement, its a legit supplement backed up by hundreds of scientific studies. So get yourself some creatine monohydrate (purest form) and enjoy your increased dihydrotestosterone.


Cortigon is a great stress-relieving and mental clarity natural supplement made by Testshock. The main ingredient in cortigon – phosphatidylserine increases the 5 alpha reductase (study).

Other than mental clarity, stress-relieving, and of course increased 5ar, here are some benefits to cortigon.

  • Naturally Balancing Hormones
  • Increasing Mental Clarity
  • Improving Focus
  • Naturally Increasing Energy Levels Without Any Crash Later
  • Increasing Exercise Strength & Endurance
  • Decreasing Stubborn Body Fat Tissue
  • Boosting Key Hormonal Health Markers, and
  • Unlocking the TRUE Potential of Your Brain.

Cortigon has these 6 ingredients that are behind it’s magic.

  1. Phosphatidylserine
  2. Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract
  3. L-Carnitine
  4. Omega 3 fatty acids
  5. Choline Bitartrate
  6. Inositol

This isn’t another horse shit supplement. The quality is of the highest and of course Christopher Walker, the creator of Cortigon offers you a no questions asked refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Check out Cortigon here.

Butea Superba Has Potential

Butea Superba had some interesting results and I think it has a lot of potential. It needs some conclusive data, but its pretty cheap so it makes it a worthy herb to try.

This study found a case of hyperandrogenemia (excessive levels of androgens in the body) due to ingestion of Butea superba. The patient was a Thai single male, aged 35 years, without any underlying disease. He reported a feeling of increased sexual drive after using Butea Superba. Laboratory investigations were performed which showed increased dihydrotestosterone (1512 pg/mL, reference value 250–990 pg/mL). Then one week after he stopped using the herb, the patient had no feeling of increased sexual drive and dihydrotestosterone had decreased to normal level.

The guy used a high dose (study doesn’t say exact number) to get way over the dihydrotestosterone reference range, but still impressive results.

This study concluded the plant preparation appears to improve the erectile function in ED patients without apparent toxicity.

This study found that orally administered Butea superba tubers have an androgenic effect on the reproductive organs of intact and ovariectomized rats, and exhibit anti-estrogenic activity on LH secretion in ovariectomized rats.

This study suggests that Butea Superba can ameliorate chronic stress-induced depression-like symptoms and that the effects of Butea Superba are mediated by restoring dysfunctions of the HPA axis and synaptic plasticity-related signaling systems and neurogenesis in the hippocampus.

This study found that Butea Superba plant extracts tested exhibited antiestrogenic activity.

And this study concluded that Butea Superba tuberous powder suspension at high doses in male rats exhibited adverse effects to blood chemistry, haematology, and blood testosterone level.

Results are looking good. Get a 30:1 Butea Superba extract here and try it out.

Tongkat Ali Increases DHEA and Androstenedione

This study concluded – the mechanism of action of the bioactive complex polypeptides (“eurypeptides” with 36 amino acids) has been shown to activate the CYP17 enzyme (17 alpha-hydroxylase and 17,20 lyase) to enhance the metabolism of pregnenolone and progesterone to yield more DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and androstenedione.

This study says – Tongkat ali extract significantly improved the aging males’ symptoms score as well as the serum testosterone concentration. While before treatment only 10.5% of the patients did not show any complaint according to the aging males’ symptoms scale and 35.5% had normal testosterone levels, after the completed treatment 71.7% and 90.8% of the patients showed normal values.

Try some Tongkat Ali here.

Ashwagandha Is Not Only a Stress Reliever

Ashwagandha is well known for reducing stress and improving your health in many ways. I found something else on ashwagandha though.

This study found that in many cases ashwagandha was able to significantly increase DHEA levels.

Other than increasing DHEA levels, ashwagandha is one of the most studied herbs with some solid results.

This study concluded that Ashwagandha reduces stress and improves resistance towards stress. And as you know stress blocks the effects of testosterone, therefore a reduction in stress will increase testosterone.

Another study found that it reduces stress.

And a ton of other studies found and concluded the same thing; it reduces stress and improves resistance towards stress. It also has tons of health benefits and is known to cure some diseases and disorders. (Study 1) (Study 2) (Study 3) (Study 4) (Study 5) (Study 6) (Study 7) (Study 8) (Study 9)

Pick yourself up a tincture form of ashwagandha.

Wrap Up

DHT is portrayed as the “bad” androgen but in reality DHT is essential for a man. DHT along with testosterone is biological masculinity and profound health.

P.S. This post is only a small fraction of what’s in the DHT Manual.

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There’s not a single program out there on increasing DHT naturally. When a new program on increasing DHT naturally will come out it will just be a spin-off of this program.

That’s because the DHT Manual has everything there is out there. I ensured this myself by going through every single DHT study and experiment out there. This is the most complete program on increasing DHT naturally. Unless some revolutionary new research with actionable steps comes out (it won’t for at least the next 50 years) then this will remain the most complete and greatest program.

I’m not good at writing the type of stuff that’ll play with your head and get you to invest in this program, so I’ll just tell you directly without any fluff or marketing tactics – I put everything into this program and this is the world’s greatest DHT program. You have my word on that – if the DHT Manual is not great just tell me and I’ll refund you 100% of your money.

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  1. USAMA

    Hey,can chewing tobacco with diluted lime in betel leaf(called paan) increasing DHT ??.and wich is the best food for DHT Alkaline or Acidic ???thanx for this pretty information ……

    1. Author

      Tobacco will increase DHT by inhibiting it’s breakdown to a less potent form, and indirectly by inhibiting aromatase.

      No research on betel leaf but it might be a 5 alpha inhibitor.

      I’m releasing a DHT program real soon. It has a diet and nutrition plan and everything about food and DHT.

  2. todd

    Please tell us how to prevent hairloss while using creatine. It worked exactly like you said but caused me tremendous hairloss so i had to stop.

    1. Author

      There’s someone with a product on preventing hair loss naturally without blocking DHT or androgens. Can’t remember his name or site, I’ll let you know if it comes up in my head.

    2. Author

      There’s a product called “hair like a fox” by Danny Roddy. His methods don’t hammer androgens.

      1. yannick

        Don’t even bother reading hair like a fox, i bough this on amazon for 4 dollars, drink milk, eat mushrooms and so on.

        I used dutastiride for a year about 2y ago, to prevent hair loss, bloc dht i gained about 30 pounds of fat, my estrogen level was so high, no libido and so on.

        When ever i use creatine it bloats me up and makes me look fat so i stop using it, i am trying ashwagandha right now and see how things go, i guess there is a way to balance DHT levels so they don’t get to high and we lose hair, i cannot shave my head i am 44 and i did it last year i looked awful. We need some DHT because it blocks estrogen too so a mixture of DIM and green tea extract maybe not taken everyday would do the trick.

        Dutastiride and minoxidil bloated me silly, minox as bad side effects too. Now for hair i use collagen, msm and vitamin C powder mix, pumpkin seed oil extract not everyday ashwagandha and green tea extract so far so good my hair is thicker.

        1. Author

          Thanks for the input.

          Tyler plans on doing some hair regrowth posts that are actually pro-DHT pro-androgen but will put hair on your head. He has a lot of experience in the area. So stay tuned for that.

          1. Kyle

            Looking forward to this. Hopefully skin too?…

            Also, under green tea one says ecgc doesn’t inhibit 5r and one says it does?

            Are you aware ginseng and many sex herbs have Sitosterol in them? Red ginseng has studies on it inhibiting dht, maybe it’s tissue specific?…..

      2. Todd

        Please answer this question. I love creatine and the effects, but it causes very high dht which is good, but the dht was too much for the hair.

  3. VKS

    I heard Sorghum and Millet are 5-alpha reductase ACTIVATORS and can increase DHT and cure PFS. Is it true?

    1. Author

      Sorghum increases 5 alpha reductase therefore increasing DHT and it inhibits aromatase as well. This is in the post..

      Anything that increases 5 alpha and DHT helps with post finasteride syndrome.

      1. VKS

        What about Millet? Does Millet also increase DHT just as much as Sorghum?

        1. Author

          There’s no evidence on millet. No evidence that it even increases DHT, where’d you get that?

        2. Author

          About millet:

          Looks like millet is just another term for sorghum.

          Other terms sorghum is known by: Sorghum bicolor, great millet, durra, jowari, and milo.

      2. VR

        This guy hasn’t even read the studies he’s posted. The sorghum “study” in the post has nothing to do with sorghum. It talks about DHT in relation to hermaphrodites. The magnesium oil “study” shows no correlation between magnesium oil and DHEA. Show me a single study that shows magnesium oil converts to dhea. Show me a single study showing sorghum upregulates 5AR.

  4. toni

    Hello Marcel. Can you answer which supplements increase dht? I use. Creatin. Butea superba. Zinc. Boron.l carnitin.ltyrosin.Koffein. m-vitamin. D3. B12. Did pholdesterine increase dht? Why? Because i read it is a so product. And are gelangen increase dht?

    1. Author

      Sorghum, choline, ashwagandha, and not playing with your dick will increase DHT.

      Fasting and tyrosine don’t increase DHT, they increase testosterone though.

      1. VKS

        How many milligrams of choline and ashwagandha supplements one should take daily? Is it okay to continue these long term?

        1. Author

          Choline – 250-500mg. If you get a headache lower the dosage.

          Ashwagandha – 300-500mg is a good dosage, 2-6g is ideal.

          Cycle Ashwagandha, choline doesn’t need cycling. They’re safe long term.

          1. VKS

            How long it’s safe to be on Ashwagandha before taking a break? How many weeks or months of a break before restarting Ashwagandha?

          2. vks

            How many months you can take Ashawaghanda continuously before taking a month off and restarting the cycle?

          3. Author

            Take it until you feel the effects wear off.

          4. vks

            I took Ashwaghanda for about 2 months and I feel the effect has worn out. If I take a month break, and restart the cycle, do you normally get the same effect back as if you first taking it?

          5. Author

            Supplements don’t make me feel any different. Only one is probably Butea Superba, gives me harder wood.

          6. vks

            Do you take Butea Superba every day? What dose you are taking per day?

          7. Author

            I cycle it every now and then. 2 caps in the morning and 2 at night with the one by Barlowe’s. I buy a few bottles and run the cycle till I run out.

  5. Author

    Creatine, Butea Superba, zinc, boron, vitamin D3, and caffeine all increase DHT.

    No evidence on vitamin B12 and DHT, however there’s a good amount of evidence that vitamin B3 (niacin) increases 5 alpha.

    Phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine both increase DHT by stimulating 5 alpha reductase.

    Gelatin increases DHT since its loaded with glycine which increases 5 alpha.

      1. SPSR

        Perhaps the post finasteride syndrome can change the reference. I took 10mg/day of zinc supplement and I got testicle pain, insomnia, muscular pain… a general worsening of the syndrome.

    1. Author

      Asparagus is anti-estrogenic. There’s no evidence on it but it might either lower estrogen and DHT or lower estrogen and increase DHT.

  6. Sap

    If you could rank the top 5 things or actions that increase DHT the most, how would you rank them in order?

    1. Author

      Good question.

      1. Eat great. Well-balanced diet to cover all micros and a good split of macros prioritizing carbs, 40-50% carbs, 30-40% fats, 20-30% protein. Stay away from potent 5 alpha inhibitors and limit the less potent ones. Eat a lot of pro-DHT foods (spinach, celery, …). Throw in some supplements such as creatine, Butea Superba, and zinc.

      2. Train intensely and explosively 2-4 days a week and stay physically active (manual labor job, walking, cardio, biking, …) Maintain an athletic, strong, and lean build. NEVER get fat.

      3. Sleep well and enough, manage stress, and carry a winner’s mindset – a dominant mindset and behavior. Overall go for dominance, strive to achieve whatever your heart desires, don’t limit yourself, and just remember to chill and relax. Don’t bother with things you can’t control. Live in check with your values.

      Everything in a nutshell.

          1. Author

            No answer for that really. Sorghum is a food, not a supplement. Whenever you want.

  7. toni

    Is a siffrent between butea super extract Form barlowes er a normal bitea superba supplement linke butea superba root from Swanson?

  8. Andrea Visentin

    Could someone explain me the last point? Does it increase it?
    Also, why do you want to increase it?

  9. wellshii

    True ,but …….
    DHA and lysine are essentials. Those two really arent going to make a difference much.
    The butea sperba and creatine will counter effect any 5 alpha inhibitors im assuming.

    1. Author

      Shampoos like that have a lot of 5 alpha inhibiting ingredients, however they are applied on the head and don’t think they’ll lower body DHT levels, at least not significantly.

  10. Dave

    Mindset is everything…diet is just icing on the cake…being lean and sleeping well are important and avoiding all major 5ar inhibitors… live a stress free alpha mindset life.. don’t take shit from anybody.. fear nothing.. your dht will be high…

  11. vks

    Does the effect from Butea Superba fade off as you cycle it over and over every few months?

  12. Insearch

    People suffering of hair loss have a lot lot, far too much, of DHT.

    Too much DHT lead to prostate cancer.
    The drug used by the people who have prostate cancer or prostatic hypertrophy, is the same as the one used by people who suffer of hair loss : propecia.

    I am fat. I am balding.
    I have too much DHT.

    But I do not have a big dick a all, it is even the opposite.

    1. Author

      Everything you just said about DHT is horse shit.

      Fat men usually don’t have much DHT and men with high DHT are usually not fat.

      Look up the side effects of propeia or post finasteride syndrome and you’ll see what the downsides of having low DHT are.

      “The most common persistent side effects of finasteride are loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety, panic attacks, Peyronie’s disease, penile shrinkage, gynecomastia, muscle atrophy, cognitive impairment, insomnia, severely dry skin and tinnitus.”

  13. SY

    I have read conflicting reports on the role of DHT on BPH, most claim BPH is a case of high DHT in middle aged men (along with a high estrogen), while a few say it’s a case of too little DHT. And seemingly the standard” treatments are using saw palmetto and stinging nettles etc but results are mixed. How should one deal with BPH in terms of DHT level? Thanks!

  14. SY

    Thank you. Your above article mentions limiting intake of lypocene and DIM in large qty as they reduce DHT in the prostate (if I read it correctly), however, the research studies seem to indicate (again if I read them correctly) they help with prevention and treatment in people with prostate cancer. If that being the case, shouldn’t both lypocene and DIM be consumed regularly for prostate protection despite their DHT lowering effects? Thanks so much for reading.

    1. Author

      Well mainstream science has it that DHT is the devil in terms of prostate cancer, hair loss, etc. Anything that lowers DHT in studies is attributed to “potential prostate treatment material”. In reality it seems that estrogen and stress hormones are more likely the cause as DHT & 5 alpha reductase are very healthy and protective on the body. A likely cause might be DHT combined with estrogen causing prostate flare-up. You can’t go wrong with lowering estrogen and stress hormones so I’d focus on that.

  15. vks

    Is Nettle Root, 7-methoxyflavone, tongkat ali . Are these DHT blockers or any of them known to increase DHT?

  16. Dave

    Great article as always Marcel…but one thing I would love to know more about that nobody even really mentions is sensitivity to androgens/estrogen….more androgen and less estrogen is of course advantageous but also being more sensitive to androgens and less sensitive to estrogens is as well…is there anything you know of that can decrease sensitivity to estrogens and/or increase sensitivity to androgens?

    1. Author

      Well being lean first of gears the organism in a favorable androgen:estrogen ratio and this likely includes sensitivity. Body fat likely increases sensitivity to estrogen.

      Strength training increases androgen receptor sensitivity, as does intermittent fasting in moderation.

      Frequent ejaculation increases estrogen receptor activity in the brain (prolactin) and thus increases sensitivity to estrogen.

      Sunshine increases dopamine receptor density and I’d bet it increases androgen sensitivity as well.

      Tobacco might lower estrogen sensitivity in the brain.

    1. Author

      Yeah you’re right. I didn’t take into consideration the quantity at the time.

  17. Kit

    Hi Marcel. I took Saw palmetto like a dumb ass and didn’t do my homework. Now my life evolves around your articles on how I can recover in full. If possible. My question for you is this.. 1. If saw palmetro blocks Dht from being used in the body is it pointless for me be taking the herbs you speak about? Am I just pissing in the wind? And 2. If not what herbs or thing would you recommend the most to allow the body to utilize that Dht? Thanks man.

  18. maurice

    Hello, I prepare a toothpaste myself to avoid all the bad staff in commercial toothpastes. I add some drops of thymus, which has good anti-bacteria qualities. Now you said that mint is not good for DHT as well as rosmarine. Do you know about thymus or eucalyptus? Of course I don’t swallow it, but I guess a certain tiny quantity is absorbed through the skin of the mouth. Also, you said to limit olive oil and coconut oil. Which best oil could be used instead without affecting DHT, of course always with moderation?

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