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Caffeine and Testosterone – Why You Should Cycle Coffee

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Caffeine – the world’s most abused stimulant. Does caffeine and testosterone work synergistically though? Yes they do. Caffeine inhibits cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) breakdown. Higher cAMP levels in cells increase testosterone levels. So this makes caffeine pro testosterone. Caffeine increases cortisol as well, more than it increases testosterone. However somehow that increase in cortisol doesn’t affect testosterone, studies found that it actually increases it.

Look at the science behind this. This study found that caffeine increases 5-alpha reductase activity.

Then there’s a decent amount of studies that found caffeine to increase strength, endurance, performance, and anaerobic capabilities. (study 1) (study 2) (study 3) (study 4).

So caffeine is definitely pro testosterone. You should cycle it for maximum effects though. Here are the reasons why.

  1. Its way more effective
  2. Keep your cortisol in check
  3. Get better sleep

Cycling Caffeine is Way More Effective for Both Caffeine and Testosterone

When you haven’t drank coffee/caffeine in a while and you drink it all of a sudden, the effects are through the roof. You feel like a million bucks and your focus and productivity skyrocket. Its great and all but after a few days or a week of drinking coffee daily the effects are completely washed off. By now you drink coffee to not feel tired, not to feel great. You’re not in to win, you’re just in not to lose.

That’s why you should cycle caffeine like you’d cycle any other stimulant / herb / supplement. When you’re consuming coffee daily your body builds up resistance towards it and reduces the metabolism of it (study). Your body develops resistance to various stimulating compounds, including caffeine. Drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day can lead to adrenal fatigue and then you’ll be dependent on coffee and experience big withdrawals when you come off it.

So this is the way I cycle coffee to reap it’s benefits.

  1. Drink 1 cup of coffee a day and nothing more.
  2. Drink coffee around noon. Not in the morning because your cortisol is naturally high in the morning and coffee increases cortisol. Not in the afternoon or later because this can lead to lack of sleep and not reaching REM sleep.
  3. Drink coffee every other day or 3-4 times a week.
  4. Occasionally take 2-3 weeks off caffeine completely every 3-6 months.

Keep Your Cortisol in Check

Like I said earlier, caffeine increases cortisol more than it increases testosterone (study). Somehow this doesn’t negatively affect the increase in testosterone from caffeine though. That being said, always spiking your cortisol will eventually make your resting cortisol levels higher, stressing you out. So cycling coffee will ensure you don’t up your resting cortisol levels much.

Get Better Sleep

Deep quality REM sleep increases testosterone, growth hormone, and other androgens and anabolic hormones obviously. Excess caffeine intake can mess up with your REM sleep big time, especially if you drink coffee after 5:00pm. That along with increased resting cortisol levels will fuck up with your REM sleep for sure.

This study found the inclusion of depression improved prediction of caffeine consumption by sleep duration. Further, sleep duration had a direct, significant relationship with caffeine consumption.

In this study results demonstrated a moderate dose of caffeine at bedtime, 3 hours prior to bedtime, or 6 hours prior to bedtime each have significant effects on sleep disturbance relative to placebo. The magnitude of reduction in total sleep time suggests that caffeine taken 6 hours before bedtime has important disruptive effects on sleep and provides empirical support for sleep hygiene recommendations to refrain from substantial caffeine use for a minimum of 6 hours prior to bedtime.

This next study concluded the same thing – caffeine consumed up to six hours before sleep may have disruptive effects on sleep.

This study found that after caffeine the mean total sleep time decreased on average by 2 h, the mean sleep latency increased to 66 minutes. The number of awakenings increased and the mean total intervening wakefulness was more than doubled after caffeine.

The same study also found that in the first 3 h of sleep a decreased amount of stage 3 + 4 was observed, accompanied by an increased amount of stage 2 and of intervening wakefulness, without a significant change in the amount of rapid eye movement sleep. The change in sleep pattern observed suggests an increased capability for arousal and decreased ability to develop or sustain deeper stages of non-rapid eye movement sleep after caffeine.


Caffeine and testosterone are a pretty good match. Cycling coffee is great for both caffeine and testosterone. Black coffee is one of the things worth getting in organic form because non-organic coffee is one of the highest pesticide sprayed foods.

P.S. Get some high quality organic Peruvian Arabica medium roasted, ground, and vacuum sealed coffee from a trusted brand here.


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