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How I Became Fierce with Intermittent Fasting

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P.S. Since I’m so productive with intermittent fasting, I’m on a 24 hour fast while writing this.

The first time I tried intermittent fasting I was sold. After doing a 24 hour fast there was no going back for me. I was focused as I never have been before, tunnel vision they call it. All I saw was the task I was working on, everything around me was blurred and became background noise. My productivity, focus, and efficiency skyrocketed. It felt like I’ve unleashed an untapped energy down in me. My mind was sharp as an arrow. I was calm but aggressive both at once. There was nothing that can stop me, no doubt in my mind, and not a trace of negativity. I was fierce.

There’s this movie called Limitless. The main character uses a pill called NZT-48 that allows him to unlock full access of his brain. Intermittent fasting made me feel somewhat similar.

Now, a few years later, I still do intermittent fasting (24 hour fasts) twice a week. The fierce effect hasn’t washed off, I still feel the same as when I did my first fast. Intermittent fasting is not flawless though, there are somedays that the effect is not great, its minimal. But most days I can count on getting that effect.

Aside from focus, productivity, and efficiency, intermittent fasting is one of the things that got me to real high testosterone levels, enhanced my athletic performance, and enhanced my physique. I’m always 8-14% body fat, effortlessly.

Let me tell you something though. Most people that try intermittent fasting never even reach the benefits because they quit too early. It will take you anywhere from a week to 3 weeks to reach the benefits. Your whole life you’ve been eating multiple times a day and now you expect your body to adopt in a single day? Logic doesn’t add up. So give yourself a few weeks to readjust and adopt your body to eating the way it was designed to. You’ll never go back to your old ways of eating, and why would you?

Intermittent Fasting is the Supreme Way to Eat

There’s a lot more to intermittent fasting. I’ll list all the benefits, go into more detail on each one, and back it up with science when applicable.

  1. Increased focus and productivity
  2. Lose weight effortlessly
  3. Have more time on your hands and save money
  4. Increase human growth hormone production by 2000%
  5. Increase testosterone production by 180%
  6. Gain more muscle and maintain it at a low body fat
  7. Detox your body and induce autophagy
  8. Lower insulin resistance
  9. Lower stress and inflammation
  10. Lower chance of getting cancer
  11. Improved brain function
  12. Improves overall well-being
  13. All these benefits for free (not eating doesn’t cost anything)

Increased Focus and Productivity

This one is a no-brainer. You start working on a task, you don’t need to stop and go eat every few hours. You’re constantly working on your task and increasing momentum, therefore becoming more productive.

You have increased energy as well. Your body is not using energy to digest and break down foods in your stomach.

This study found that short-term fasting increases your metabolic rate by 3.6-14%, breaking down body fat and giving you more energy.

And this study concluded that resting energy expenditure in short-term starvation is increased.

Lose Weight Effortlessly

Its so easy to be on a calorie deficit when doing intermittent fasting because you’re not going to be eating for a certain period of time and when you do start eating, you’ll get full before reaching calorie surplus.

When you’re not giving your body food constantly it has to break down body fat and use it for energy, therefore resulting in weight loss. If you workout then don’t freak out, your body won’t break down muscle for energy because the growth hormone release during your fast preserves muscle mass.

This study concluded – In general, such interventions need to be palatable and satiating, meet minimal nutritional requirements, promote loss of fat and preserve lean body mass, ensure long-term safety, be simple to administer and monitor and have widespread public health utility. Intermittent fasting or alternate day fasting may be an option for achieving weight loss and maintenance.

Then this study concluded that intermittent fasting is more promising than calorie restriction for weight loss and type 2 diabetes risk reduction in overweight and obese populations.

This study found that intermittent fasting and calorie restriction are both as effective for weight loss, but intermittent fasting may be more effective at retaining lean muscle mass.

Have More Time on Your Hands and Save Money

Most people spend about 20-30 minutes on each meal and eat about 4 times a day. That’s 80 minutes – 2 hours spent eating everyday. Well with intermittent fasting you’re not eating for a long period of time and your productivity is improved. What does that get you? More time on your hands.

In a typical day of eating you spend about $20-$60 on food, depending where you eat and how often. On the flipside you don’t spend anything or a very little amount when you’re doing intermittent fasting.

Increase Human Growth Hormone Production by 2000%

Increase it how – by shooting up some HGH injection in your butt cheek? No. Increase it by doing intermittent fasting for 24 hours (one night and one day of no eating). Sounds like crazy stuff I’m just making up, but there is solid evidence for this.

In this study researchers found that human growth hormone spikes multiple times throughout a 24 hour fast. And once the fast reaches 24 hours (1440 minutes as the study says) human growth hormone spikes up by 2000%.

Intermittent fasting

This study suggests that starvation-induced enhancement of growth hormone is brought by an increased frequency of growth hormone release and longer and more pronounced periods of somatostatin withdrawal.

This study proves that growth hormone increases lean body mass and decreases fat mass in men and women.

So why don’t professional athletes fast for 24 hours instead of using steroids? Well because the 2000% human growth hormone increase doesn’t last much. However human growth hormone levels remain elevated from baseline up to a few days after the 24 hour fast!! You’re not getting a trainload of human growth hormone as steroids would give you, but you’re getting a good natural amount, higher than the baseline, that lasts a few days.

Increase Testosterone Production by 180%

With all the benefits of intermittent fasting, there’s no doubt that it increases testosterone levels, by a lot. Here are the reasons why.

  1. Intermittent fasting is efficient for losing body fat, and the lower your body fat is the more testosterone your body produces (study).
  2. Intermittent fasting increases human growth hormone production, after just 24 hours levels spike up by 2000% and remain elevated for a few days after (study). Now what does human growth hormone have to do with testosterone? Well they are both highly anabolic hormones and they work together, so when one increases the other does too.
  3. Intermittent fasting lowers oxide stress therefore increasing testosterone (study).
  4. Intermittent fasting detoxifies your body (study), removing endocrine disrupting chemicals that affect testosterone production, so therefore detoxification leads to higher testosterone levels.
  5. Intermittent fasting lowers insulin resistance. This study concluded that low serum testosterone levels are associated with an adverse metabolic profile and suggest a novel unifying mechanism for the previously independent observations that low testosterone levels and impaired mitochondrial function promote insulin resistance in men.

This study conducted on eight non-obese normal men found that short-term fasting increased luteinizing hormone response by 67% and testosterone response by 180%. However in obese men the increases were not as great.

This study found that intermittent fasting decreased plasma leptin levels. High leptin levels are associated with high body fat and they decrease appetite. So leptin can’t be good for testosterone, therefore decreasing it would increase testosterone.

Gain More Muscle and Maintain it at a Low Body Fat

With that 2000% increase in growth hormone production and 180% increase in testosterone production there’s no doubt you can put on some lean muscle and shred every single ounce of fat away. Sounds crazy but I became slightly stronger when I started intermittent fasting. You can even bulk with intermittent fasting, just eat like a bull on the days you’re not fasting.

I’m 10% body fat right now and always around there. When I’m bulking I get to 14% tops and when I’m shredding I reach 8-10%.

Detox Your Body and Induce Autophagy

Your body is filled with endocrine disrupting chemicals from the air, food, and water. Well intermittent fasting induces autophagy and removes all those nasty chemicals.

This study found that in addition to elimination of intracellular aggregates and damaged organelles, autophagy promotes cellular senescence and cell surface antigen presentation, protects against genome instability and prevents necrosis, giving it a key role in preventing diseases such as cancer, neurodegeneration, cardiomyopathy, diabetes, liver disease, autoimmune diseases and infections.

Then this study found that autophagic deficiency is related to steroidogenic decline in aged rat Leydig cells.

This next study concluded intermittent fasting induces profound neuronal autophagy.

Autophagy is not just an anti-aging super health generating process, it significantly increases testosterone as well, by removing testosterone and endocrine damaging chemicals from your cells.

Lower Insulin Resistance

Insulin regulates testosterone and SHBG (study).

One study found that intermittent fasting decreased insulin.

This study found that intermittent fasting is more efficient than calorie restriction for type 2 diabetes prevention.

So if your insulin is messed up its hurting your testosterone production. Good thing is intermittent fasting lowers insulin resistance.

Lower Stress and Inflammation

Just like antioxidants lower oxide stress so does intermittent fasting.

The study here confirms that intermittent fasting lowers oxide stress and increases cellular stress resistance. This other study confirms the same thing.

Then we got inflammation. Inflammation simply means a localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection. What you didn’t know is that inflammation decreases testosterone (study).

This study concluded – Intermittent fasting and caloric restriction have been shown to extend life expectancy and reduce inflammation by suppressing pro-inflammatory cytokine expression and decreasing body fat and circulating levels of leukocytes.

This next study’s results found that intermittent fasting has some positive effects on the inflammatory status of the body and on the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

And this study found that oxidative stress and inflammation declined in response to intermittent fasting, or as they call it, alternate day calorie restriction.

Lower Chance of Getting Cancer

Autophagy induced by intermittent fasting provides protection against cancer. Then I found 4 animal studies that found intermittent fasting to prevent or lower the chance of cancer.

(Study 1) (Study 2) (Study 3) (Study 4)

Improved Brain Function

These 2 studies (1) (2) found that intermittent fasting increases the growth of new nerve cells.

It also increases levels of a brain hormone called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) (1) (2).

Improves Overall Well-Being

So once you start intermittent fasting your focus and productivity skyrocket, you have more time on your hands and save money, you lower your chance of getting cancer, your stress and inflammation decrease, your brain function improves, your insulin resistance gets better, you detox your body and induce autophagy, you lose weight effortlessly, your testosterone production increases by 180%, then your growth hormone production increases by 2000%, and you gain more muscle and maintain it at a low body fat. So yeah, intermittent fasting increases well-being.

All These Benefits for Free (Not Eating Doesn’t Cost Anything)

One of the greatest things about intermittent fasting is that its free!!

You get these 12 crazy benefits for free.

  1. Increased focus and productivity (paid alternative – nootropics)
  2. Lose weight effortlessly (paid alternative – weight loss pills)
  3. Have more time on your hands and save money (paid alternative – time and money)
  4. Increase human growth hormone production by 2000% (paid alternative – steroids)
  5. Increase testosterone production by 180% (paid alternative – more steroids)
  6. Gain more muscle and maintain it at a low body fat (paid alternative – synthetic testosterone injections)
  7. Detox your body and induce autophagy (paid alternative – detoxing products)
  8. Lower insulin resistance (paid alternative – medical treatment)
  9. Lower stress and inflammation (paid alternative – herbal supplements)
  10. Lower chance of getting cancer (paid alternative – expensive organic food)
  11. Improved brain function (paid alternative – nootropics)
  12. Improves overall well-being (paid alternative – supplements and products)

Not a lot of great stuff come free, intermittent fasting does though. See if I was telling you about my new product and all the benefits it has, then I could’ve sell you on it at this point. I’m giving you intermittent fasting at no charge to you though.

Isn’t Multiple Small Meals Better?

No. That’s the fitness industry brainwashing you. How do you think supplement companies would sell fat burners, protein shakes, protein bars, “secret” ingredients that make you gain muscle, and all that bullshit? Sounds like conspiracy but the media is just trying to get you to consume more and make themselves more money. Your health and manhood is of no concern to them. If they tell you intermittent fasting is the most efficient way to naturally burn body fat, what are they going to sell you – air?

Then there’s claims that if you don’t even multiple small meals your body uses muscle and fat as an energy source. Well when you’re fasting your body is releasing quantities of human growth hormone, which preserves lean muscle mass and only uses fat as an energy source, as the study mentioned earlier concluded.

Then come the weight loss “experts” claiming that not eating multiple small meals a day slows down your metabolism. I don’t know where they get their sources (broscience?) but the study mentioned earlier showed that intermittent fasting increases your metabolic rate by 3.6-14%.

Eating multiple small meals a day fucks with your anabolic hormones.

This study found that every time you eat something, no matter what it is, your testosterone levels go down.

If you want more info on why eating multiple small meals a day is a joke then check out this post. That guy debunks the myth pretty good.

What About the Hunger?

What about it? It only lasts the first few hours then your body uses body fat as energy so you’re not hungry anymore. The way you pass hunger is stay busy and focused. You forget that you’re hungry when you’re focused on what you’re doing. And every time you feel real hungry just drink some water and you won’t feel as hungry.

The Greatest Ways to do Intermittent Fasting

There are many different ways you can do intermittent fasting. For the most part it doesn’t even matter what way you go, as long as you’re not eating, you’re fasting. That being said, to reap maximal benefits you’re going to want to adopt an intermittent fasting routine, or create your own. I’m going to list the greatest ways to do intermittent fasting and go into detail on them.

  1. 16/8 fast
  2. No breakfast way
  3. 24 hour fast
  4. Custom way

16/8 Fast

The 16/8 intermittent fasting routine is classic. You fast for 16 hours of the day and have an eating window of 8 hours. This can be done by eating your last meal at 8:00pm then the next day don’t eat until 12:01pm. Or it can be done by eating your last meal at 6:00pm then the next day don’t eat until 10:00pm. This is the easiest way to start intermittent fasting, but you’re not reaching maximum benefits since its only a 16 hour fast. It will still get you shredded and benefit you greatly, its just not the optimal way. I used the 16/8 fast for about a year and effortlessly maintained a real low body fat. A few months ago I switched to the 24 hour fast though and I’m already liking it better.

No Breakfast Way

The no breakfast way approach to intermittent fasting is real similar to the 16/8 fast but its much simpler. You just skip breakfast, that’s all there is to it. So say you wake up at 8:00am then you’re going to eat at 12:01pm – 2:00pm. You’re getting a 14-18 hour fast daily. The thing with the no breakfast way approach is its inconsistent. Some days lunch is going to be later, some days earlier. I think its better when you have a routine. That being said, the no breakfast way approach is the greatest option for lazy people or spontaneous people that hate routines.

24 Hour Fast

The 24 hour fast is real great because you only do it once or twice a week. The other days of the week you eat however you want. That’s not all though, the 24 hour fast is the most ideal approach to reap maximum benefits. The study mentioned earlier in this post showed that at 24 hours into a fast human growth hormone spiked up 2000%. I do the 24 hour fast once a week and I’m the leanest and strongest I’ve ever been. On top of that my overall well-being increased as well. If you can fast for 24 hours (one night and one day of no eating) once a week then I recommend this approach.

Custom Way

Create something that works for you. Follow these basic guidelines to creating your own intermittent fasting routine.

  1. Minimum time for a fast is 16 hours
  2. Maximum time for a fast is 48 hours
  3. Unless you’re fasting for 25+ hours break your fast 1-2 hours before going to sleep
  4. Only things you can consume are water, 0 calorie drinks, coffee, gum, or anything under 20 calories
  5. Fasts less than 18 hours should be done daily
  6. 24 hour fasts should be done a maximum of 2 times a week
  7. A fast longer than 24 hours should be done once a week only

It all comes down to what you prefer. All of these approaches to intermittent fasting will work great. The ideal one for losing body fat would be the 24 hour fast once to twice a week. And the ideal one for building muscle would be the 16/8 fast or the no breakfast way.


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  4. vik55

    I am underweight, and i want to gain weight, would fasting help me? i also want to increase my bone size. should i consider taking HGH?

    1. Author

      I wouldn’t take HGH until I’m old and rich.

      1. Its expensive
      2. Nasty side effects when you don’t use it right
      3. You won’t grow too much from it after puberty and the growth will take a few years of constantly being on HGH

      Now on to fasting – its one of the greatest ways to increase growth hormone naturally. However it doesn’t work well for gaining weight, unless you can eat a lot in one sitting.

      For bone size make sure you’re getting a good amount of vitamin K, D, calcium, and boron. Increase your T and DHT as well.

      In your case I’d fast half the week (16-20 hrs) and still eat a lot, but half the week I’d just stuff myself with lots of good food; mostly carbs, good amount of protein, and some fat (don’t go over 120g /day). Then I’d supplement with the vitamins/minerals I mentioned and I’d get the DHT Manual to supercharge DHT.

  5. Conan

    The study below does not say fasting raises testosterone by 180%.

    It says that in normal weight men fasted 56hrs testosterone increases 180% only after they’ve been administered GnRH(Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone) intravenously. Quote: “were given two identical iv GnRH tests”, meaning they were given GnRH by IV and this large dose caused their testosterone to rise, whereas the obese men were so unhealthy that even this supra-physiologic dose didn’t effect them. “GnRH-elicited” refers to the intravenous dose causing the increases in LH and T.

    A sister study by the same author from two years earlier shows that fasting depresses natural testosterone production. It reads, “Blood glucose declined by 22 +/- 3% between the tests (p less than 0.001). Basal serum T fell from 8.7 +/- 0.7 to 5.7 +/- 0.8 micrograms/l (p less than 0.01), and LH from 6.9 +/- 0.8 to 5.0 +/- 0.7 U/l (p less than 0.01).” This is saying that basal, in other words natural, testosterone production fell by an average of 34.48%(the decrease of 3 mcg/l, divided by 8.7).

    “Influence of short-term fasting on the pituitary-testicular axis in normal men.”

  6. Conan

    Not to disparage fasting though. I fasted today and recently did a 9 day water fast. I’d intended to go for ten, but cut it short due to feeling run down.

    1. javidbencosme

      Why did you fast fot ten days? How many studies show a decline in t after fasting vs studies show an increase? got a video on this on youtube, check it out and let me know what you think

    1. Author

      There’s always some contradicting evidence out there. Self-experimenting is how you find out if something is worth it or not.

    1. Author

      The study concludes “Our results suggest that an intermittent fasting program in which all calories are consumed in an 8-h window each day, in conjunction with resistance training, could improve some health-related biomarkers, decrease fat mass, and maintain muscle mass in resistance-trained males.”

      Interesting though, I’ll do a podcast on fasting.

  7. keerthi kumar

    guys i have completed my 5 weeks of IF in custom way 18 hours a day and 24 hours a day at alternate days 18-24.result is like damn well and hell.decreased body fat at amazing levels,increased muscle at good amount,libido is spiking like hell,i feel alot of inner peace,concentration is like targeted missile,confidence is at its best like a macho..finally if u do it at right way with good food and training not overtraining then it can beat any aas at free of cost

  8. Mike

    What’s your opinion of two 18-hour fasts per week for cutting from ~14% to ~10% body fat? Would that be enough?

  9. Philip P

    I am fat adapted…been keto for over a year. I have just started experimenting with fasting and so far like what I am have seen. Do you see any issues with IF on a 19 to 20 hours a day during the week and regular keto eating on weekends?

    1. Author

      Other way around would be better. Don’t recommend keto though.

  10. yannick

    Intermittent fasting is experimenting, to each is own i have been in the weight training game for more then 30y started training at 13 am now 45 train 6 times per week.

    I tried all the fad diets, low carb, keto, alkalin (to fix back pain yeah right), low fat, and more.

    All those diets got me either sick, feeling awful, fatigue and low energy. The same goes for intermittent fasting if not done right.

    So far intermittent fasting was the best kept secret, if done properly will do all the above benefits mentioned in this article.

    I have read a study about a 12 week intermittent fasting protocol on how it does lower testosterone and thyroid hormone but like Marcel says studies are flawed and this one, the guy ate low fat semi low calories.

    I eat 2 meals per day, i eat carbs i need carbs, i train with weights so if my glycogen is depleted to low i will pay the price, i have tried many times to be fat adapted and let my body use ketones for energy. It does not work for me, and for about 99% of all people, also cutting carbs to low will make you look terrible no muscle pump, very very hard to recuperating after workout even if you add sodium and more…..

    I eat close to 2000=2400 cals per day, i just upped my protein and kept my carbs at around 150mg per day, in 2 meals quit easy to get. I am sure that if a good eating plan is followed with an intermittent fasting protocol there will be no testosterone or thyroid drop. I use the herb ashwaganda read studies its an amazing herb that works by raising T and T3 in the body and also lowers cortisol. It also cheap buy at vitacost or amazon. I eat full eggs no egg whites, coconut oil, ground beef, but also eat black rice and brown rice and quinoa. Fat is very important in a diet even more if you weight lift, it will help produce testosterone. Green tea and DIM help lower estrogen as we grow old. I have matcha green tea 2 cups per day during my fast.

    Fasting as allowed me to lose 30 pounds in around 6 months with no struggle, sugar cravings are gone, and when you eat you crave real foods. Most people fast for too long, i say keep it 16-18h per day, over doing it will be counter productive, i have gone 30 40h fast and felt terrible after, in was in full blown ketosis and felt exactly the same as when i was on the low carb diet, brain fog, fatigue lack of energy.

    People can start fasting slow, 12h and then add a hour here and there until you reach 16-18h, i also did the warrior diet 20h fast and 4h eat, but that also was too much for me and eating once i feel you don’t take in all your required nutrients.

    All in all great article in feel intermittent fasting is the way of the future.

  11. Dan

    I started fasting about two years ago, it’s since then changed my life. I started out doing 24 hour fasts but eating mostly junk. It worked great for a while but after a couple months I peaked. Recently I’ve been doing anywhere from 2-4 day fasts and not only have I lost roughly 40 lbs in the last 8 weeks, but even at 32, I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life. Barely even think about food anymore, and haven’t lost an ounce of muscle, and look pretty shredded. I think the important part of fasting is just getting in tune and listening to your body. If you do, I’m living proof. This absolutely works, and when I do eat I still eat whatever I want.

  12. Karl

    When doing the 24 hour fast. When you break your fast do you eat one big meal with all calories that you missed during that fasting time ?
    Did you eat the same amount of weekly calories when doing 24 hour fast vs 16/8 and the other things and was the 24 hour giving you better results and what better results?

  13. Joan

    This is excellent information, it make sense.
    I am gonna do the 24 hours fast.
    Thank you

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