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How I Became Bold with Body of a Spartan

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Note – I don’t recommend anything I haven’t used, liked, and got results with. When I’m recommending something on this website I’m putting my credibility on the line. My credibility is worth more than a few bucks I’d make affiliating with someone. So I assure you anything I recommend is of the highest quality and nothing less. Body of a Spartan meets this standard.

When it comes to bodybuilding information its all misleading bullshit. With mainstream websites like six pack shortcuts, livestrong, men’s fitness, and all that other fluff, its hard to find some legit guidance to getting big, shredded, mean, and lean as a natural trainer.

This is where body of a spartan comes in. The program is real simple. It lets you choose the exercises you want to do for each muscle group. The program itself lets you craft your own routine following some guidelines. The creator of the program went from looking like a toothpick to looking big, lean, mean, and clean.

That’s not what got my attention though. The thing about body of a spartan is its designed for natural trainers. It shows you how to train to actually achieve results as a natural trainer. Most other programs don’t mention that you need a cocktail of steroids to go along with their programs.

The creator of body of a spartan, Victor Pride, unlike 99% of fitness stars, admits that he used steroids and is now on TRT. He doesn’t just admit it, he tells you the raw truth about the fitness industry and all these “natural” bodybuilders giving out training advice that doesn’t get you any results as a natural trainer. What do you mean he’s on steroids, didn’t you just say he shows you how to train as a natural trainer? Victor achieved his physique naturally, created body of a spartan, then some time later he wanted to see how far he can get with steroids.

Victor’s philosophy is simple – as a natural trainer you’ve got to train for strength mostly. Becoming stronger is what will make you look like a Greek God. Victor probably knows that you have to train in a way that will stimulate anabolic hormone production, and that way is low rep, heavy, compound lifts, and intermediate calisthenics.

What’s in Body of a Spartan?

  1. How to achieve a lean and mean body without endless dieting and cardio
  2. The best muscle building methods for natural trainers
  3. The best fat-burning methods for natural trainers
  4. The best workout routines and exercises for natural trainers
  5. How to overcome cravings and have complete self-control
  6. Bodybuilding myths exposed
  7. 8 main compound lifts to focus on
  8. Several supplement lifts to focus on
  9. Pictures demonstrating each and every exercise from the starting point to the finish point

P.S. Body of a spartan has a diet plan and supplement guide but its not in-depth. I cover how to eat in a way that promotes natural testosterone and growth hormone production on this website though. Check out this post and this post.

Is Body of a Spartan Good for Testosterone Production?

Not unless you modify it. Body of a spartan is a 6 days a week program. The creator claims overtraining doesn’t exist, but shows no scientific evidence. There’s a lot of evidence out there that overtraining lowers testosterone and elevates resting cortisol big time (study) (study).

The body of a spartan program is a 6 days a week program, with each session ranging from half an hour to an hour maximum, and some days going easy just to get some blood flow. I’d change this to 4 days a week of going all out, except don’t go to failure. Stop at one rep before failure. Studies show that going to failure leaves you with elevated cortisol levels, lower testosterone, and lower growth hormone production.

He then says to keep your rest periods to one minute or shorter. I’d change this to 1-2 minutes because that’s the ideal time range for optimal testosterone and growth hormone production.

Everything else in the program is good though. Intermediate calisthenics and heavy compound lifts are great for testosterone production. So if you modify body of a spartan to 4 days a week going hard but stopping at one rep before failure and taking a 1-2 minute rest between sets, then body of a spartan is pretty good for testosterone production.

What Body of a Spartan is Greatest For

Body of a spartan is pretty good for testosterone production, but its not ideal. Body of a spartan is the greatest for building muscle, staying lean, and looking like a Greek God without the use of steroids or other PEDs.

Who Should Get Body of a Spartan?

Those looking to reach maximum testosterone and growth hormone production naturally, this isn’t a program for you. Don’t get it.

Those looking to build some muscle, look aesthetic, and are fine with normal to high natural testosterone and growth hormone production. This is the greatest program for you. Get it here.

Final Word

Body of a spartan is hands down the greatest program for looking like a Greek God naturally. Its real simple with no fluff, written by a simple guy named Victor Pride that runs BoldandDetermined.

See the official sales page here and decide if you want this program. Victor offers you a no questions asked refund if you don’t like it. So there’s no risk here.

Body of a Spartan

Victor Pride, creator of Body of a Spartan.

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