Dairy and Testosterone

Dairy and Testosterone – What’s in Your Milk

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Dairy products are high in saturated fat, vitamin D, and calcium. That’s all great for testosterone production but there’s one thing you probably don’t know. And man I’ve got some bad news for all you dairy fans. I stumbled on a study that looked at dairy and testosterone and it wasn’t good. So I kept researching and this is what I found on dairy and testosterone.

Note – Skip to the conclusion if you don’t want to read the study summaries.

Study #1

This is the study that got my attention. In this study they found that exposure to exogenous estrogen through intake of commercial milk significantly increased estrogen levels and significantly decreased luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and testosterone levels in men.

Study #2

This long study found that cows’ milk contains estrogens. Four samples of milk from non-pregnant cows were analyzed, free estrone were 23, 22, 27 and 24 pg mL, and values for total estrone were 162, 208, 174, and 243 pg mL. It gets better though, the estrogen levels in milk is even higher during pregnancy of a cow. Levels rose progressively during pregnancy from a mean value of 80-100 pg mL at 60-80 d of pregnancy to a value of around 1,000 pg mL.

So when you go to the grocery store and buy some milk that came from a pregnant cow, you’re getting around 1,000 pg mL of estrogen in that milk. Any amount of estrogen is bad but 1,000 pg mL is a nasty amount.

And this isn’t an occasional event where just this one cow was milked during pregnancy. The study says – compared with milk produced 100 years ago, modern herd bulk milk contains a larger proportion of milk from cows in the latter half of pregnancy, and thus has elevated

levels of estrogens, which may contribute to reproductive disorders and cancer at hormone-responsive sites.

They also found that commercial milk has a slight positive association with prostate cancer.

Then the study goes on to say that the absorption of estrogen in milk is of low bioavailability and most of it just goes to waste.

The takeaway from this study is – its all about making money for the people in charge of dairy production. They don’t give a fuck about your testosterone or manhood. They just milk cows 24/7 to have more milk to sell.

Study #3

This study says natural estrogens are up to 100,000 times more potent than their environmental counterparts. Dairy accounts for 60%-80% of estrogens consumed. The problem is cows from modern dairy farms, which are milked about 300 days a year. The cows are pregnant for much of that time. The later in pregnancy a cow is, the more estrogen in her milk.

Study #4

The same study did an experiment with third-graders in Mongolia. They fed Mongolian kids U.S. commercial milk for a month. The results were, the kid’s estrogen levels significantly increased.

Study #5

This next study basically says modern milk consumption does expose consumers to high levels of estrogen and might play an adverse role in prostate cancer. They don’t have strong enough evidence to conclude anything though. So no claims were made in this study.

Study #6

This study in physically active young men concluded full-fat dairy intake was associated with significantly lower percent progressively motile sperm.

Study #7

This study concluded low-fat dairy intake (low-fat milk) resulted in 33% higher sperm concentration and 9.3% higher sperm motility. On the flipside cheese intake (high-fat) was associated with lower sperm concentration.

Study #8

This study’s results suggest that milk fat and/or galactose may explain the association between milk and dairy product consumption and seminomatous testicular cancer.

Study #9

This study suggests a role of milk and dairy products in the development and growth of testicular and prostatic cancers.

Study #10

Then this study concludes none of the commercial milk types that they tested contained biologically significant estrogenic activity.

Study #11

This next study concludes all cow’s milk, conventional and organic, naturally contains little amounts of hormones. Research says that because these hormones are metabolized in the body, they are of low bioavailability and have little physiological effect in humans. Scientific evidence fails to show that the presence of hormones in cow’s milk is a health concern.

The levels of estrogen in a cow’s milk are extremely low and well below FDA’s guidelines for safe consumption. They are many times lower than natural production of estrogens in humans.

Don’t take this study too seriously though, as it is from the National Dairy Council. Of course there’s a lot of bias here and keep in mind they run a dairy business. You think they’d close their business because their products fuck with people’s testosterone?

Overall Conclusion on The Studies

There are a lot of studies on dairy and testosterone, but most of them are inconclusive and need further research. A few studies concluded that a cow’s milk during pregnancy has high levels of estrogen which lower testosterone. Then a few other studies contradicted them by claiming that the estrogen is of low bioavailability and has little effect on humans. And a decent amount of studies concluded that dairy, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer are associated. Then it got real interesting, a study concluded that low fat dairy intake resulted in significantly higher sperm concentration and sperm mobility.

What comes to my mind is who funded these studies? There’s probably a lot of bias and some studies are in favor of preserving dairy businesses instead of bringing awareness.

My Genuine Conclusion on Dairy and Testosterone

My conclusion here on dairy and testosterone, factoring in all the studies with different results, is that low fat dairy is decent and high fat dairy isn’t good for testosterone. This is the first time I ever say high fat isn’t good for testosterone. It usually is, but in this case dairy fat is loaded with estrogen, counteracting the testosterone increase from saturated fats. So low fat dairy leaves you with vitamin D, calcium, and some protein. All that is pretty good for testosterone but not enough to make it a food I’ll be eating much of.


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      Unless you’re growing it there’s no guarantee its “organic”. I’d stick to low fat dairy with butter being the exception.

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    I get raw milk from a small farm grass fed cows, i know you aprive butter but what about cheese?

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